Abusement Park presents BLOODBATH&BEYOND II.


  • Saturday, December 18th
  • 13626 Veterans Memorial Dr. 77014
  • 281-397-8511
  • $10 Venue


  • 3v3 (Pokemon Format)
  • $30/team
    • Each entrant will be allowed to use up to 2 characters. These characters must be announced AT THE TIME OF SIGN-UP.
    • Once you win with a character, you cannot change characters for that match.
    • Will be ran on XBOX360.


  • 2v2 (Waseda Format)
  • $14/team
  • Teams must consist of unique characters.
  • You can not change your character during the tournament.
  • Will be ran on PS3.


  • 2v2 (Waseda Format)
  • $14/team
  • Teams must consist of unique characters.
  • You can not change your character during the tournament.
  • Will be ran on PS3.


  • All pots split 70/20/10
  • All tournaments are Double Elimination.

We will also be selling official Team Abusement Park T-Shirts for $10!!! :rock:


I want to thank everyone for making BB&B1 such a great success… so now it’s time to run it back. I would like to see this turn into like a quarterly regional. I would also like some feedback on what you liked/didn’t like about the first one (format wise) and would like to get suggestions for the next one in December. Thanks!


The first one was hype, but i wish that it was a singles tournament because so many great players from all over texas showed up, but I don’t think they would have shown had it not been a team tournament.

it would probably be asking too much to run ssf4 singles along with the teams.


I’ll try not to get drunk and actually find a team this time around.

If anyone wants a Boxer player in their team. Let me know.


Yeah, the whole purpose of this event was to promote team tournaments… there are singles tournaments practically every weekend somewhere in Texas. :sweat:


this first one was maddd crazy. this time Houston is gonna take it again. LEEEETSS GOOOOOOO




I personally didn’t like how cramped it was at Monster’s, but otherwise the tournament was hype as hell!

I’ll actually be living in Houston at that time, so I’ll definitely be there! :smiley:


Louisiana will be there full force…

stone win will change his name…traitor


Changing up the rules to follow NSB formats and mix things up a bit. What do you guys think?


Why hold ANYTHING with a SSf4 tournament with these times…

Lol, I thought last time was proof that the times dont matter, people dont take heed and shit starts late anyway. I’m sure this isnt so bad if you live there, but some of us are coming out of town for games other than street fighter 4. Why not have the times reversed? Blazblue at 2, Tekken at 4 and SSF4 all night…?

or cap the entrees… seriously, TOURNAMENTs should have a limited # of entrants…


SF4 took the longest to run… and if that’s your argument why would people want to stay all night for a tournament. Plus this one is on a Saturday. Also why would the brackets be capped? SF had 23 teams, BB had 11, and T6 had 8.

Things may have started late last time, but that was due to an unavoidable issue with players being in multiple tournaments and holding up the blaz bracket. Oh well… everything still finished on time.


I understand majority rules, but when it gets between 4-6pm and they’re only 2 sets of casuals were available for the other games, with a crowded room of ssf4 still going on, that simply not enough…just about every console was booked with ssf4 though.

Whatever…I’m going to hold down an extra setup for T6 and BB all day :smiley:


I’m all for teaming up with LA guys. As long as Vu is on the team. :rofl:


Boooo@Team and 360 lol


ahhh seeing this again hurts my brain as it reminds me the complete lack of BB players in Oklahoma


i need partners!!


360 is the tournament standard for SSF4. Sorry.


Would it be all right if some of us brought some extra setups? I mean I’d be down to bring mine. I know they got that big ass table near the bathrooms that they used for the Halo tournament not too long ago.

I remember when I got to the tournament there was really no room for anyone else to get some casuals in since all the setups were booked like all hell.


i am surely to go to this since it will be one week before my b-day