Bloodborne thread

Fromsofts new Souls game for PS4

World Premier

Co-op Gameplay

Miyazak showing off one of the dungeons from Bloodborne

IGN showing off the first 18 Minutes of Bloodborne. Spoilers, obviously.

A quick look at character creation

Nightmare Special Edition

Reguler Special Edition

Japan Only Special Edition and Console for those of you who like to import.

Thanks to ExposedD for help getting a lot of this together.

So who’s excited to catch a nasty blood borne pathogen eh?

Man I’m so hype for this, why isn’t it March yet!?

The white console looks cool, but the design is pretty lazy. They just pasted the boxart of the game on the console and called it a day.

GOTY 2015.

Praise the motherfucking sun for this thread.


It’s Bloodborne, not Bloodborn.


Can’t wait to send people flying and then do that goofy “joy” gesture.
Really excited for the Kirkhammer as i always kinda have been a sucker for heavy weapons in souls games.

Also… If anyone has yet to see the alpha footage… I would recommend watching Peeve’s run ,as it does a good job of being
informative and doesn’t really waste much time. It also helps that he is a DS pro , lol

Shrug I’ll fix it eventually.

This is gonna be the game that makes me break and buy a TV and a next gen console.

You can hook up a PS4 to a monitor, I’m pretty sure.

I think I need a tv though too. I had this thought recently, I can’t invite a woman over with this conversation:

“Hey you wanna come over, I’ll cook you some dinner then we can sit at my desk and watch a movie?”
"…what? No."
“But, I have two monitors we can watch two movies at the sa— wait where are you going?”

Its time for me to get a tv.

That would be nice though too. My PS3 didn’t work with my monitors so its nice to see sony doing the small stuff.

No HDMI ports in those monitors?

That was me around the time I got my PS3. I got a TV to go with it in '08.

My ps3 and monitor just weren’t compatible, or I’m just an idiot but I thought I found some articles about the ps3 not being able to connect to some monitors. I might look for it later but I’m not that concerned since I left my ps3 at my parents lol.

To keep this on topic: the idea of using a gun to replace the shield from the souls series is the mechanic I’m looking forward to the most in this game. So fucking excited.

These gestures are too good

Yeah I can’t afford that shit currently, need to hold out hope for a PC release.

Sony IP, good luck with that.

Lol PC release. Demon’s Souls laughs at the mere suggestion.

I watched that entire hour and a half video of gameplay.

Nothing will stop this hype train. I just hope you can still have in-game raves.

For DS weapons not be in bloodborne is something to be expected , but i really hope that certain items
like prism stones , resins , and the talking stones will be there , or something equavilent to them atleast.

I do have this feeling that we might see some equipment/weapons from Demon Souls tho. That’s my gut talking , we’ll c tho !

Hopefully I will have a PS4 by the time this game comes out. Missing out on a few gems already.

Check out cowboom and amazon warehouse deals they are refurbs but with a little patience you can get ps4 for around 200

I’m ready, and my PS4 is ready.