Bloodline Champions: Action RPG / Arena Combat meets fighting game philosophy


So my friend recently turned me onto this game called Bloodline Champions. It seemed kind of meh at first glance but then I got a chance to play it and realized I was playing one of the best multiplayer games that’s come out in a long time.


Basically, it’s closest to Arena Combat in WoW meets fighting games, and also somewhat similar to Dota, minus the NPCs. There is no leveling. No equipment. No stats. No specs. No random elements like crits. There is no targeting or any auto pilot abilities. Everything has to be manually aimed and pretty much everything you can do in the game depends on skill. The button layout is simple. You move with WASD and attack with Mouse1, Mouse2, Space, Q, E, R, and F. There is no mana or energy. Most abilities are just on very short cooldowns.

Also, something fighting gamers may enjoy… this game has a super meter. It builds over the course of the match and once charged you can unleash your ultimate.

Looks wise I’d say it looks a lot like Diablo 3.

The devs made the game with the idea of balanced combat, with no bullshit elements. You can just pick it up and play. It seems balanced in 1v1, all the way to 5v5. There’s also a lot of unique things you can do and everything depends on player skill and strategy. Class combinations can feed off each others strengths and you can set up some nice combos. Even the healing classes bring way more to the table than just healing. Check out some of the classes you can choose from.

Gameplay Basics:


3v3 Match played by Devs with Commentary explaining the action:

Part 1: [media=youtube]dIdWDUmTD2w[/media]
Part 2: [media=youtube]1iceVNd-soE&feature=related[/media]

Beta Sign up is here:

Overall a great game, I’ve spent entire days just playing this game, definitely the most fun I’ve had in a long time with a multiplayer game. I think it’ll appeal to a lot of the fighting game crowd if people give it a chance.


I would play it but system req pixel shader 3.0, says screw you to my stock intel graphics card. I was going to pick it up after I got my new compy in the summer.

Guess I can try running it through a VM on my familys mac…sigh.


The new patch lets it run on shader 2.0. My computer blows chunks and I’m able to play so… you should too as long as it’s not like…windows 98 era or something lol.


Might check this out, been looking for something to fill the void since Guild Wars competitive community went down the shitter a few years ago. Hopefully it can tide me over till GW2 comes out.


Yeah it’s definitely worth giving a shot. I find it a lot more enjoyable than GW pvp personally.


I made this thread hella while ago, and so have others.

Too many WoW players need dat casual freebie goodness.



Hmm guess there’s just not enough interest in it here on SRK… all the other threads musta been buried too.


Naw bro go back to sleep, ill wake you up with good shit comes.


just signed up for beta. more people plz


Love love LOVE this game. It is basically a combination Fighter/Third-person-shooter. I know that sounds strange, and it is at first, but it is one of the best games I’ve played in a long time. More people need to hear about it and try it out (assuming they get into the beta).


That demonstration actually makes it look mad fun


I know that this is a closed beta, but is anyone else playing? Seems fun, but it isn’t very noobie friendly because there is no practice for you to try out characters.


While it seems like a good idea I must say that the designs are VERY bland so it turns me off.


I applied for the beta 4 months ago (when this thread was started), but I just got the invite today. Been playing this for the last few hours and I feel that it has some real potential. The style of the game is not bad (kinda generic mmo-style)…which is fine enough. You really have to read through EVERY character’s abilities before playing or you’ll make a ton of mistakes. Also, the net-code is actually good (definitely better than most closed beta games). Currently the beta is only open on the weekends, but they buff/nerf the characters constantly to work on balance.

EDIT: Also, 3v3 is the tourney standard…but people get REAL serious (read whiny) in 2v2.


Along with bland designs this game has no subtle strategies to learn nor are there any RPG mechanics to develop. Some people appreciate simplicity, but for others it is basic to the point of boredom.


I’m not certain where you’re going with this comment. Why should there be RPG mechanics? The developers want this to be an “e-sport” where luck/grinding doesn’t define who wins. Fighting games don’t have RPG elements; it’s the same idea. Also, it’s no more basic then any MMO PvP…and it’s more balanced (because the devs don’t have to worry about how skills effect PvE).


Honestly it’s not very simple at all. Maybe at lower levels but movement, anticipation, and awareness of your opponents options, as well as coordinated team work is important at higher levels. I agree that the design is bland but I do like the game. I haven’t been playing it a lot lately due to distractions / real life but I’m sure I’ll get back into it at some point.



I’m not saying the game needs RPG mechanics for it to be a successful game, and I’m aware of the fact that random factors have no place in this game, and I respect the developers choice of doing this. I’m not saying the competitive play is brain-dead, but it isn’t really that deep or dynamic.

Yes that is the point of this game

Basically I’m explaining is that some players will fall in love with the game, and others will see nothing special. " Some people appreciate simplicity, but for others it is basic to the point of boredom. "

Hope that clears it up for you.


Not feeling the character designs in this at all, but if it’s fun (and free) I just might give it a shot.


So, basically, you’re saying it’s SF4 syndrome? lol

Infini: Like I said if you or anyone else wants in just PM me your email and I’ll send a beta invite, I have 2 left and all my friends are already in.