Bloodline Champions Beta Key Contest for SSF4 Players!

BLGaming is proud to announce the third Bloodline Champions Beta Key Contest!

For anyone not familar with the game, Bloodline Champions is a competitive arena style game for the PC that incorporates skill based directional attacks with fast paced action and split second decision making. Full information about the game can be found on the official Bloodline Champions website here:

As with any Beta Key contest - we hope to bring players to the game who are not only competitive in nature, but have a strong desire to play and contribute to the future success of the game. In the spirit of Evolution 2k10, and in celebration of a partnership between BLGaming and a truly amazing player in the SSF4 competitive scene (official announcement coming shortly), we will be directing this contest at the SSF4 community.


What was the most memorable moment at Evolution for you this year? (either from watching the streams of the event or attending in Las Vegas) Our three judges - Sobione, Fashioned, and Sunbhie - will be picking the two (2) best answers in our opinion and one (1) entry at random to award Beta Keys to the Bloodline Champions closed beta! Good luck! This contest will end on Thursday, July 15th at 11:59pm EST.


Respond to the above question by writing a comment on this article at BLGaming | Play to Win or Don’t Play at All. We will select the two answers that most closely give us the style of answer we are looking for (thought out, logical, inspired) and award a Bloodline Champions beta key to each! Make sure the email you registered with is the correct email, as we will be sending your key to that location.

As always - you can join BLGaming in our public Ventrilo server at so feel free to drop in! We are alway playing something.

Good luck!

(And thanks to the all the people that made Evo a success this year! We are looking forward to Japan!)

My favorite part was when Seth said he could have gone pee.