BLOODSTAINED: RITUAL OF THE NIGHT aka the Spiritual successor of Symphony of the Night

I wanted this thread done right and not left to the shit posters making most of these lately.

Game met initial funding goals as of 1:35PM PST 5/11/15

Twitch announcement stream

*Quoted from the game informer article.

New stretch goals added including the long desired VITA port.

New Strech goal Classic Mode

I need a gif of him throwing the wine glass.

At work now but as soon as i find one i’ll put it up just for you bro.

With the different tattoos covering the main character’s body I assume the Glyph system will be returning in some form.

Here’s a related article:

Man i really wan to play some Castlevania right now.

First of all that still pic is HYPE AS FUCK!..but just concept art so lets temper expectations until we see some game play lest we fall into an Inafune trap card.

Second of all shots fired! This is Iga’s and by extension us CV fans fuck you to Konami who think we don’t want a 2.5D metroidvania.

Third, I haven’t played Portrait of Ruin, but I hope a glyph system similar to Order of Ecclesia is used instead of one like Dawn of Sorrow OoE made collecting and combining glyphs way more fun.

Fourth this is the best part of this game:

“Dracula may be public domain, but he’s linked too heavily to my previous games. The game is still going to have a Gothic vibe, but I needed a new enemy and a new character unrelated to those games in order to establish this new universe. I don’t want it to seem like a half-baked copy of my previous work. I’m still not totally sure what to do with the enemies, and I’m still wondering whether it’s really necessary to pull in classic monsters just because of the Gothic theme.”

I’d much rather have something completely new and different straight from the mind of Igarashi and co then see another variation of classic monster mythologies, look at how unique and badass the Souls and Bloodborne enemies are.

credit NinetiesArcade from the lounge:

They aren’t tattoos apparently. The name Bloodstained comes from some kind of sickness or disease that leaves stained glass looking markings. I mean, it may still be involved in some kind of game mechanic, but yeah

Livestream with Iga playing Rogue Legacy:

Pledged $100 because i couldn’t pass on the goods offered.

Oh nice. I always find the larger donation rewards funny though. Like, man, if im giving you 10 grand, which is 2 percent of your total goal, im an investor at that point, and i wanna see some return on that. Pretty much everything over 100 bucks is pointless, and just for flexing. Well that artbook might be dope.

Eh, i’ll wait until it comes out. I’m interested in a metrodavania, but isnt might number 9 looking real suspect right now. I dont know bout these kickstarters. Although i wouldnt donate anymore than for a copy of the game, so essentially im just preordering it.

This is small and picky, but i hope there are some different color palettes at least for the main characters. Lemme have my faux black girl color palette. lol. Its just kinda dull to always default to white people as your models for games. Gimme a spanish girl, black, asian, for god sakes, anything but another fancy white anime girl/dude. lol

Nothing about No.9 is suspect. If you’re talking about the fact taht they found a publisher, we have no idea if that would have happened or not if it didn’t get the critical reception it did. Iga even mentions that IN THE VIDEO that the kickstarter is about showing that there’s support for the game and will simply help them expand it.

The problem isn’t kickstarter, the problem is people not realizing what kickstarter is. IT’S A KICK STARTER. It doesn’t preclude things happening outside of it, and guess what, people who donate to it are doing just that, donating. They aren’t buying a product. You are essentially an angel investor(If I’m using this term correctly, but I think I am).

No he’s talking about the community manager SJW mess that got started.
That was a PR disaster and the fact that she was not fired on the spot after the first message went out proves she had another in somewhere that was allowing that bullshit.

Regardless of where you land on the topic, it was super unprofessional.

But people play these games because they want to feel like a hero or a champion or a savior!
It’s not a sports game, or a crime sandbox game or some kind of burgertime knockoff.

That has EVEN LESS to do with kickstarter then and doesn’t help his point at all. That’s completely on Inafune’s side

It’s now met the initial funding goals.
On to stretch goals.

Fully funded already? Shit, I wonder if this is enough for IGA publisher to fund it. Most Kickstarters don’t get fully funded in a day.

Oh at this rate, he might not need anything more than the kick starter pledges to get his entire budget.