BLOODSTAINED: RITUAL OF THE NIGHT aka the Spiritual successor of Symphony of the Night


I’m really glad this game is coming along, and I’m really glad I got a Vintagevania out of it to boot…but shit am I glad I didn’t donate and continue to not donate to kickstarters because the platform I always want these games on are the platforms that always get fucking canceled.


Probably shouldn’t even have planned for a Vita version in the first place. The writing was on the wall for it for some time now.


Vita still has life in Japan and southeast Asia. It sucks that version was cancelled. That was the version I wanted.


To be fair to Iga, it does sound like a Sony-made issue, not something on his end.

Timing, timing, timing.


With Sony dropping Vita support since years ago, I would have never backed a Vita version.



Is the title of that video “Single player is dead”? We really doin that song and dance again?


They are going to keep singing it, until it finally sinks in.

…that they’re losing money.

Probably when another company comes along and makes mad bank on us.