Bloody High Claw or Splendid Claw?

What are the advantages to each ultra, and In what situations is one better then the other? Also, is there anyway to combo any of those 2 ultras?

SC is much more reliable as invincible trip guard anti-air with exact same start up and additional uses as Vega’s sweep, including Cosmic Heel combo but only at either max range against certain characters or batting an already airborne opponent to grant a longer juggle state allowing you charge time and start up time. normally a point blank CH gives you not enough time to charge for ultra 2 (42 frames iirc) and start up (8 frames).

SC beats cross ups very reliably. the idea is that it beats every jump in but you just have to get them to land on your foot. when you time it so you finish input as they cross over your head (or even dashes and stuff like cross up PC) then you get an auto correct ultra that comes out in the same direction you were charging. The combo from CH makes for great punishes, too, against some characters where anti-airing and fireball countering does not come as easy as others, so you almost always have a reason to use your ultra. It does decent damage and you get some izuna traps in corners as well as safe jumps at your leisure. plus it is a typical long range situational punish, like beating lariat and fireball counter, so never wrong for that.

BHC is much more offensively oriented as it does not have invincibility but instead an opportunity to hit at the same trajectory in two subsequent attacks, one of which doesn’t have an ultra flash, being the only move in the game to start up before its ultra flash. So that, really, is a distinct advantage. it has the same long range punish scenarios as SC but some additional ones because of the added benefit of taking out airborne opponents. very situational and hard to incorporate into a potentially stressful running scenario without a random ultra coming out at one point, or more likely, it getting stuffed completely. You can’t use it to beat jump ins like SC which leaves people with only safe jumps or guessing between empty jumps (not a good idea against Vega as is) and attacking as options so of course BHC will be unable to capitalize on that. For this reason it’s more useful against characters with weak wakeup games and strong zoning, like Dhalsim and even Sagat. Other characters who you can catch doing moves full screen, mainly, with either part of the trajectory which in my opinion makes it a seriously fun ultra to use but a lot more risk-oriented and less adapt at covering Vega’s ultimate weakness which is of course getting screwed all the time on wakeup.

you can use BHC just like EX FBA but whats really cool about it is it is BOTH of Vega’s wall dive moves, but of course way better. the ‘ex fba’ has no ultra flash or ex charge of course, so it’s disguised as a NORMAL wall dive, and the ‘ex shc’ comes out incredibly quickly and of course punishes HARD and can be juggled from the ‘ex fba’. you can use it in a poke string, like jump in,, c. lp, c. mp, ULTRA. If they walk up throw they don’t see an ultra flash so they get hit, and if they jump, you go underneath them, then the ‘ex shc’ hits them on the way BACK. So you can do some pretty sick stuff and it does some biiiiiiiig damage… Really useful against Seth, because to be honest sometimes you gotta derp against him and BHC is a pretty good candidate. As long as you use BHC when somebody uses something else, your chances to win are pretty high. but good luck being able to draw it out and of course stay cautious cause you can NEVER confirm when you’re going to hit with it otherwise.

Common sense says SC for pretty much every matchup, and BHC for a select few, mainly the full screen fireball punish, and some other crazy guys like Viper and Fuerte flying around all the time because of 2 attacks.

The beginning part of BHC is also invincible to throws, and projectiles.

Wow, thanks for the info.

Jozhear is cool like that. :slight_smile:

no problem

i usually prefer splendid claw even if on some matches i use bloody high

a lot of player who know vega match up don’t fall for the bhc and it can’t be combed into if not for a level 3 FA
sc can be comboed on cf. Hk anc lk sc if you hit the opponent during a jump at the to of his height

if you choose to go for the sc remember that you need to know if the jump your opponent is doing is safe or not because i’ve seen a lot of player trick to let you think it’s not a safe jump while it is

Splendid claw definately…
For me bloody high claw is much less reliable

sc covers vega’s greatest weakness, which is wakeup.
to land BHC, people usually try to turtle back and try to look for a move they can punish…I don’t usually just turtle so I don’t use BHC anymore.
However, for players who know better, it is kind of scary walking towards vega when BHC is on lock…I was playing a vega with BHC and I felt some fear walking toward this vega because of the threat of BHC

I dunno, BHC feels pretty damn useless against anyone who knows how to play against Vega correctly, save Dhalsim.

When I play Claw mirrors and the opponent chooses BHC they NEVER land it. It is USELESS against rushdown. USELESS. Anyone who knows how to play Claw correctly won’t let you get enough frames to start it up without hitting you out of it.

i mostly prefer BHC over SC. with people or characters that don’t jump often tho i usually go with SC. default pick tho is BHC

well bhc is like who00osh! whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh blaam! and sc is all like fraaagh whoosh blam schrraaggggh!

What he said.

…but really, I use Splendid Claw all the time except versus Dhalsim.

This is all you need to know about both ultras.

Against turtle characters, I use BHC. Shotos are usually a toss up, for me at least. Everyone else I use SC for.

yeah i’d like to give a big “fuck you” to U2… i’m officially done with that shit. it’s not reliable vs jump ins for me. U1 isnt reliable but at least i know to block.

Good players aren’t going to do unsafe jump ins if you have U2. Maybe if it’s early in the roung where they think; ‘‘he wouldn’t dareeeee’’ then BAM! But i use it to punish unsafe FBs, crossups, or early round normals.

The mere presence of the ultra makes a huge difference. It takes a load off our back as Vega players because of our weak defense. We don’t have to worry about constant pressure and they actually have to worry about what’s safe and what isn’t.

So even it’s not what you do with it really, it’s what they don’t do because of it. I’ve noticed in my short/very limited experience as a FG player that it isn’t necessarily what you’re doing/gonna do, but what you CAN do.

buffer ultra 2 motion = god.

Ultra 2 does everything ultra 1 does but better.

Well not the dmg.

even if it did 50 more damage the options ultra 2 offer are better than the damage from BHC