Bloody-Knuckles: The "Main Event" featuring TW Season 1 Finals 2/28/2010 3:00pm

Bloody-Knuckles; Artwork Inspired by the Fighting Game Community in the Pacific Northwest

Inspired by the competitive fighting game community in the Pacific Northwest, Bloody Knuckles explores the scene and its inspiration through traditional, digital, and fiber art mediums.

The gallery show Bloody-Knuckles, currently on display at the Canoe Social Club and Gallery at Theatre off Jackson, will be wrapping up it?s run with the ?Main Event?. A day of fighting games and art!

Featured Artists

Nicole Bianchi ? Fiber Art
Brent Cleary ? 2D digital
Ian Cofino ? Film (I Got Next)
David desVoigne ? Photography, 2D Traditional
Masando Jensen ? 2D Traditional
Nick Kondo ? 2D Digital, mixed media
Zach Robinson ? 2D Traditional
James Showecker ? 3D sculpture
Fae Spector ? Fiber Arts

FB Event Page!/event.php?eid=256879218439&ref=nf

When -
Sunday Feb 28th 2010 3:00pm

Location -

409 7th Ave. S. (7th and Jackson in the ID)

Games -
Street Fighter IV
Tekken 6 BR
BlazBlue CS
Guilty Gear AC side tourney?

Details -
Venue Fee ? $5.00 cover
Game fee- $5.00 Buy Ins per tournament

Prizes -
70/20/10 split of game entrance fee for all tournaments

1st the Bloody-Knuckles dual moded 360 TE + 70% of the cash
2nd dual mod service + SFIV snuggie + 20%
3rd dual mod service + 10%
4th SF anniversary art book
5th Udon SF tribute art book

Tekken 6
1st ? Tekken 6 T-Shirt, Tekken 6 Artbook, Copy of Tekken 6 for 360 + 70% of the cash pot
2nd ? Tekken 6 T-Shirt, Tekken 6 Artbook + 20%
3rd ? Tekken 6 T-Shirt, Tekken 6 Print + 10%
4th - Tekken 6 T-Shirt, Tekken 6 Print
5th - Tekken 6 T-Shirt

Schedule -
Doors at 3:00pm
Tournaments start at 6:00pm

TournamentWars Season 1 Finals 8pm:

Tekken 6:

Team Hope Kick (JWO/Gabby) vs. Monkey D’ (Monked/Heavy D) for 3rd and 4th
Team Tapatio (Nganfiction/EBM) vs. Rage of the Cosmos (RagePenguin/BlackSteve) for 1st and 2nd


RESET DEMON?! (Mechanica/Riki-Oh/Duggish vs. Team BOSS (Mikehascookies/B0kkin) for 3rd and 4th
Grand Masters (Tanaka Force/LTB/A-Dhalsim) vs. TDP (Frankdadank/Mickey D’/Deezo) for 1st and 2nd

Come out and enjoy some art from Team Seattle, as well as watching some of the best players in the area battle it out for a $1000 prize pool.

--------------------------------------Call To Artists-----------------------------
Bloody-Knuckles mission is to provide an outlet to expand the fighting game community into the world of art while exposing the world of art to fighting games.

Bloody-Knuckles is currently accepting submissions from artists that are inspired by the fighting game community or influenced by the overall artwork of fighting style video games to be displayed for a one month showing at The Canoe Social Club at Theatre Off Jackson (

**Types of Work: **
? Traditional 2D/3D works inspired by fighting games or the fighting game community
? Digital 2D/3D works inspired by fighting games or the fighting game community
? 3D sculpture (example: custom arcade sticks).
? Film makers, traditional or digital.

? Deadline for submissions December 1st, 2009
? Review and Selection of artists by mid-December 2009
? Artists walkthrough of the gallery space early January 2010
? Artworks delivered to gallery no later than February 1st, 2010

Submission Process:
? Submissions should be emailed no later than December 1st, 2009 to
? Contact Information, including mailing address, phone and email
? Between 5 to 10 digital images in .jpeg or .pdf formats
? Artist statement and bio

? Artists should be willing to have their artwork on display for one month
? Selected artists unable to hand deliver their works will be responsible for packing, shipping and insuring their works (Bloody-Knuckles will not be held responsible for items that are damaged during the shipment process or show)

? For additional information or questions, please email

how long would arcade sticks be displayed?

I will talk to anyone I know who I think would be interested in this.

Be sure to talk to Josh (MessatuOrochi) as I know he has a friend who does SF artwork.

Nate (XTG) also has an artist friend who I think does SF work.

arcade sticks I would leave up to the owner, I know it’s a lot to ask especially if it was someones main/only stick. though i would like to have one or two on display for the full run of the show (1 month). i’m talking to a couple friends that are local builders about making something specifically for the show.

they will be displayed in locked plexi display cases that sit on top of pedestals.

Ian Cofino is on board for a showing of I Got Next.

in other news. I’d really like to get out and meet some of you guys in person. when it gets closer to show time I could definitely use some help in the running of the tournament, logistics, ect.

expect to see a lot more of me at GW and spectating at NWM. i’m pretty easy to spot, super tall, skinny as hell, and lots of tattoos, just look for the atari joystick on my right forearm.

I’ll try to participate in this in some way. Cool idea.

I havent drawnded anything in years, but I think this is a cool idea. Not too sure if i still have it in me though.

hope he doesn’t mind, but hit up h.duke, i saw some of his shit, and i must say i like it! haha

wow this would be awesome and its in the international district thats wassup!

he’s already PM’d me.

Can I showcase my brothers art? I have a lot of his sf themed art at my house in his binder…

How many pieces would you want to showcase if you want it? And there are some xmen pictures (inspired from mvc2). Would those be allowed as well?

^^defiantly. can you or your brother get me scans or digital images of the pieces? my email is in the OP.

SF themes are not a requirement by any means, and this will not be a SFIV only event, though I do plan on leveraging the popularity that SFIV has brought to the fighting game genre/scene to help promote the show evil laugh

one of the major themes I want to explore is community, something that was a very large part of my life as a kid hanging out in arcades, and later as an artists hanging out in coffee shops and bars. some of the best conversations I’ve had in my life sprung from talking about a game or a piece of art, some of the closest people to me today I know because of gaming and art.

I get a lot of strange looks from my artists friends when I go off on a tangent talking about how beautiful I find games as an art form. and how great it is that these same games can bring people from all walks of life together. i’m hoping to quash some of the stigma that is associated games and gamers with this show. probably no hope for the halo kids, but thats not my problem.

Yes halo kids can’t be saved…I have some of his stuff up on my facebbok, and myspace page if you want to take a peek.

Frank -

have him gather like 10 or so of his best/favorite pieces and submit them to me at by 10/31/2009.

I’d also like to take a minute to thank everyone for their support. in less then 24 hours my inbox is already being bombarded by interested people, not only from seattle but all over.

get HYPE!!!

this event is going to be the awesome.

This…is…SICK…Seattle Versus, where you at?


trust me when it gets closer to show time I will probably be begging all of you for help.

showing up drinking beer and breaking faces would be help enough.

I’m tempted to put together an idea I have rolling around in my head. =\

is it cosplay preppy!? I call Sawada

Nah, painting, actually.

Preppy - I would be honored…

even though I don’t know you, believe me from a newcomers standpoint your name rings out. and I’d love to see your work.

MOAR kobuns.