Bloody Knuckles/TournamentWars Season 1 Finals - Seattle, WA 02/28/2010

Bloody-Knuckles; Artwork Inspired by the Fighting Game Community in the Pacific Northwest

The gallery show Bloody-Knuckles, currently on display at the Canoe Social Club and Gallery at Theatre off Jackson, will be wrapping up it?s run with the ?Main Event?. A day of fighting games and art!

When -
Sunday Feb 28th 2010 3:00pm

Location -

409 7th Ave. S. (7th and Jackson in the ID)

Games -
Street Fighter IV
Tekken 6 BR
BlazBlue CS
Guilty Gear AC side tourney?

Details -
Venue Fee ? $5.00 cover
Game fee- $5.00 Buy Ins per tournament

Prizes -
70/20/10 split of game entrance fee for all tournaments

1st ? Dual Modded custom art 360 TE
2nd ? SFIV Snuggie and Udon art book
3rd ? SF 20 year anniversary art book

Tekken 6
1st ? Tekken 6 T-Shirt, Tekken 6 Artbook
2nd ? Tekken 6 T-Shirt, Tekken 6 Print
3rd ? Tekken 6 T-Shirt, Tekken 6 Print

Schedule -
Doors at 3:00pm
Tournaments start at 6:00pm

TournamentWars Season 1 Finals 8pm:

Tekken 6:

Team Hope Kick (JWO/Gabby) vs. Monkey D’ (Monked/Heavy D) for 3rd and 4th
Team Tapatio (Nganfiction/EBM) vs. Rage of the Cosmos (RagePenguin/BlackSteve) for 1st and 2nd


RESET DEMON?! (Mechanica/Riki-Oh/Duggish vs. Team BOSS (Mikehascookies/B0kkin) for 3rd and 4th
Grand Masters (Tanaka Force/LTB/A-Dhalsim) vs. TDP (Frankdadank/Mickey D’/Deezo) for 1st and 2nd

Come out and enjoy some art from Team Seattle, as well as watching some of the best players in the area battle it out for a $1000 prize pool. I’m pushing to have the finals streamed as well, if not the entire singles tournament.

What?? Guilty Gear side tourney? :smiley:

Gonna be hype! I am starting to wonder just how big this is going to be. Since Portland will probably be coming up, this could be a huge tournament.

I’m expecting ~60-100, though the venue can hold up to like 300. also I’m doing a last minute push for more prizes so hopefully I can cover top 5.

hell yea, finally a tourney I can go to =)

Man, even if you don’t plan on entering the tournament, go just for the Tournament Wars finals. The league is strong!

I’m very excited for this!

this just in, Toodles has donated a couple ChImp boards as prizes for the singles tourneys. so I can now offer free dual mod service as a prize!

just in case you have no idea what I’m talking about. this man is amazing!!!

updated prize list

1st the Bloody-Knuckles dual moded 360 TE + 70% of the cash
2nd dual mod service + SFIV snuggie + 20%
3rd dual mod service + 10%
4th SF anniversary art book
5th Udon SF tribute art book

Tekken 6
1st ? Tekken 6 T-Shirt, Tekken 6 Artbook, Copy of Tekken 6 for 360 + 70% of the cash pot
2nd ? Tekken 6 T-Shirt, Tekken 6 Artbook + 20%
3rd ? Tekken 6 T-Shirt, Tekken 6 Print + 10%
4th ? Tekken 6 T-Shirt, Tekken 6 Print
5th ? Tekken 6 T-Shirt