Bloody Marie


I just started playing this game and I am at my wit’s end with Bloody Marie. I’m using Painwheel and I can get through the first 2 phases pretty easily, but the third stage… What on earth am I supposed to be doing for the third stage? Half of Marie’s attacks knock me across the stage and the other half fill the screen with death. Pain’s got no mobility and no move (that I’ve managed to hit her with) that does anything more than chip damage to Marie in stage 3. Spam HP Stinger and hope for the best? Any ideas would be appreciated.




You also can lame her out with fly.


That boss fight would be way more fun if pinion dash wall bounced marie.


All i really do is jump and hardkick her about a billion times no matter what stage shes in with painwheel… Its pretty easy to beat her this way if you block her bs and super where appropriate.