Bloody Roar 3/Primal Fury/Extreme


I’ve recently gotten stoked about this game after a friend introduced it in our match sessions, and seeing how pimp BR3 was I had to get into it.

For those not in the know, Primal Fury/Extreme is a graphically enhanced, remixed version of BR3 with a few gameplay tweaks. Also lets us play Chronos, Uranus and Fang. I went ahead and lumped BR3 in though since it’s still played and the changes aren’t too drastic; strategies, combos that work in BR3 generally work in BR: PF/Extreme.

Also, this is pretty balanced game (EVERYONE has something they can abuse, and knowing your character is what really counts - my kinda game) but here’s a tier list for those curious:

— Top Tier —

  • Shenlong
  • Chronos (Not available in PF)
  • Uranus (Broken/Banned in BR3 vanilla)
  • Khoryu

— Upper-mid —

  • Yugo
  • Jenny
  • Shina (move to mid in PF)
  • Long (move to mid in PF)

— Mid Tier —

  • Everyone else

And finally, match vids for those not converted to the BR religion:

*** Tourney match vids:**

*** Casual match vids:**

Bloody Roar World
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we need to meet up and fight:nunchuck:

Fighting Games At E3 2014

I’m always ready for a good BR match. :slight_smile:


I was thinking about getting back in to this game I only have the gamecube version but, my buddy Giza seems to be really good he mains Ganesha and can play most of the characters decently. XD


Yeah, I’ve talked somewhat with Giza on youtube; he seems to really work that Ganesha and Chronos. In fact his recent Ganesha vids is what made me consider Ganesha for a rising moniker from low-tier. If only we had a Ganesha player down here in Georgia…


Oh well I used Uranas however recently I’ve gotten back in to it been working on Gado now.


I’m trying to wean Phoenix, one of our tekken gurus, on Gato personally. We need a Gato player so bad.

Here’s what we got:

Zero: Uriko, Uranus
Pyro: Kohryu, Shina, Xion, Alice
Eli: Xion, Chronos
Luna: Yugo
Some other guy: Yugo
DanTheMan: Jenny


nice hopefully we can get some more people playing down here everyone else is playing HD remix and other stuff at the moment it would be sweet to get some sort of scene going on down here for this game XD.


A game I used to have, but had no one to play against, sadly. I don’t think I really took advantage of the game mechanics that much (which isn’t surprising if the CPU is all one is facing). I would like to pick it up again, however, if I could find some people to play with.

I used Bakuryu, Shina, and occasionally Alice.


Shina is the shit.


BR3 is an excellent game. meter management is sophisticated (timer runs out, health low? insta-hyperbeast!), combos and gameplay has a 2d touch to it. The only problem is the circle strafe, which evades way too many moves. Unfortunately, they just removed it in later versions of BR instead of trying to balance it a bit :confused:


Haha. Yeah, Pyro owned me with the sidestepping when we first started playing. Check out the earlier matches on my account when we first started playing - he uses it to actually negate the recovery time on his strings and get past my own. It even avoids throws! I started implementing horizontal attacks into my strings and picking more to get past this.


Ditto.I’ve been using Shina since Bloody Roar 2.I never could the combos right that could be seen in the ending credits of BR2 & 3.IMO,I think she was better in 3


Just bought 3 today at Game Crazy. Soon as I find a ps2 to play it on…gonna get back in the habit of beasting with Yugo and Shina. Maybe Gado on the side.



I should be able to get better matches up now since Laughing Otter has learned to defend correctly against my Shina. Hopefully I’ll be able to bring Ganesha out of low tier… but hey, someone has to be worst in the game.


Nice thread. To those people who have competition…I hate you. :rofl:

lol Giza.

Awhile ago I found an infinite with Xion. Works the same way as Gado’s infinite where he headbutts you continuously and you keep on bouncing off the floor. It’s not practical at all since the move you use is pretty slow and requires a counter hit to bounce, and the inf is probably corner only. I don’t remember what’s the command for it, so I guess it’s time to fire up my copy of BR3…when I find it first. -_-;


My youtube playlist has been updated with more match videos.

Also: we just got a new Gado player! :woot:



Been wanting to play this game again and me and a few friends started playing it randomly again during the winter.

Guess who I play no he’s not a mole and no I don’t use his School uniform costume.:wonder:

-EX :cool:


I’ve never seen the Gado infinite from 3. Does anyone have a video of it?