Bloody Roar 3/Primal Fury/Extreme


tech if you comming to impact clash we can mm in this and ffwa


I’m trying my darnest to make it there, man. Because of an event last month, I now have to be very frugal with my money. If I’m still good by the time Impact Clash starts, I’ll be there, either that or beg my mom to do something…which I’d really rather not ask my mother for financial help. :sweat:

Hopefully, it works out.

Anyway, coming back with more updates; me and Pyro ran the gauntlet today and had some sexy-ass matches.

This is the first of the batch and my so-called notable mention of the day: [media=youtube]u6qntsM3wpU[/media]


I’m uploading the rest as I type this.


Alright people. Injecting some life into this thread/bumping it. Why? Because this game rocks and I want more discussion. Anyone else have vids/matches they want to share?


I remember always wanting this game when I got the gamecube but never being able to afford it.


Bloody Roar PR and 3 are very cheap right now on Amazon. Around like, 4 or five bucks when I ordered mine. These games are bargin bin price as of now; no-one needs to fear a hole being burned in their wallet.


Where’s Fang on that tier list? He has most of Yugo’s moves but a lot of his moves act differently. I’ll have to track down this vid of him clowing I’d seen a while back.


That’s a good question. I personally am unsure of him myself; I have never seen him played nor do any of my friends dabble with him. I’ve heard he actually sucks, but not sure. Maybe Giza can enlighten us, as Fang players are almost unheard of to me.





Hmmm, it seems Fang is Xbox exclusive. He plays like Yugo, only he uses his old moveset from the older games. I didn’t play Yugo in the older titles so I’m still in the dark. His beast drives seem the same though. That’s all I got. :sweat:


I knew there was some difference between them. But if it’s nothing gamebreaking then OK. But on the same flip Yugo’s always had some wild shit in every game anyway. So it wouldn’t suprise me if Yugo/Fang are tiered as equals anyway.




In case you weren’t sure I liked this game… (I’ll give the clueless a hint MY NAME) I want them to make a 5th so bad for the next gen consoles especially if it has online. I obviously main Bakuryu, but I wasn’t bad with any characters except the slower ones. (I’m a speed demon) I’m glad people haven’t forgotten this game!


Actually, Fang is also in the Gamecube version of the game as well, but only in the Japanese version though. I really need to find the Japanese version so bad.

His first super is the same as Yugo’s. His second one is unique to him though, it changes the opponent from beast to human on hit. Fang is more powerful like (BR2 Yugo) compared to speedy version of Yugo as of present.


Good, good matches from FRXII, by me, ShadowAce50 and Deadly Rave Neo.
















Bump. Someone start posting, dammit.


OK. This thread needs to cover the opus of Bloody Roar. So tiers and strats for all games instead of focusing on just one.


So, far Bloody Roar 3 is the only title I have seen played seriously and had an actual tourney scene. But if anyone has some info they want to discuss on the other titles, post it up and I’ll change the thread title.

I can’t be the forefront for the simple reason I only played the other titles casually and can’t really speak about them.


Had to post this guy’s account:

(added it to the main list as well)

Not sure if these are tourney matches, but this top-level play. Should shut up anyone who thinks this game is a scrubfest or button masher BTW.

In short, this is what your matches should look like when you master this game.




That shit was greasy as fuck. I’ve never seen more GC’s in a combo since in forever. That is the shit that will motivate me to get back in shape in BR.

Tech a question if I may. How in the hell could you run this on a stick? Cause I had a couple of ideas but seeing as BR is P, K, B & HG how could you find a good stick config for it anyway?

The only config I could come up with is this:

It mimics SC/VF in a way but when I tried it it didn’t feel right. Unless I can find something that works I might run pad since that is what I play BR with anyway.