Bloody Roar 4

Bloody Roar 4 is the latest Bloody Roar game to come out. Having recently played it, I think it deserves it own fresh new thread. The game has a very high fun factor,and vibrant graphics. The series, is usually criticized for it’s infinite combos, and it’s lack of refinement compared to the more compeitive 3-D fighting games. Bloody Roar 4 is no exception to this, but despite that the game is still very enjoyable. It is also one of, if not the most entertaining game to watch being played with skilled due to the fast paced and intense action.

I’ve never played the game competitively, so I only have a rudimentary understanding of BR4’s game engine. True to the original, all characters can perform a quick sidestep against light attacks by tapping forward. There is also an advanced guard ability, and each character has one of two types of the advanced guard: either heavy guard or auto evade. Heavy Guard characters will simply block Heavy Attacks, while Auto Evade characters will dodge them. Based on my experiences Auto Evade characters have an immense advantage over Heavy Guard characters. This is because certain heavy attacks performed in succession can break a heavy guard, and they cannot be interupted…only crouched, tech crouched, or back dashed away from. As a result Heavy Guard characters can be pressured into the wall, while Auto Evade characters can simply Evade and counter.


Heavy Guard Characters
Alice, Gado, Jenny, Kohryu, Long, Ryoho the Dragon, Shen Long, Shina, Xion

Auto Evade Characters
Bakuryu, Busuzima, Nagi, Reiji, Ryoho & Mana, Stun, Uranus, Uriko, Yugo

Ryoho the Dragon (Final Boss) is so overpowered, that it doesn’t make much of a difference for him.

In terms of tiers, it’s clear that Ryoho the Dragon and Uranus are vastly overpowered, while Nagi and Reiji are easily top tier. This is because they have a slew of safe, fast, and damaging moves that make it very easy for them to land long combos.

The rest of the high, middle, and low tier are too difficult for me to call. I only use a handful of characters, in-depth, so I’m not going to make too many assumptions.

So let the Bloody Roar discussions commence!

There all ready is a BR topic.