Bloody Roar 5 is coming

At least that what some people told me.

If that is true, I would be damned excited…

Mainly, due to BR being such a cool concept.

I admit that I didn’t enjoy 4 as much as the other versions.

I hope the rumors are true.

Any BR fans here or is there an echo…

By the way, did anyone know that BR was inspired from the anime known as guyver. Just a small fun factoid.

sometimes i wish i was a bear

I am a BR fan. A former Fang/Shen Long/Nagi player. But the series failed me with BR4.

Not going to believe the Guyver bit, go to hell. Guyver is awesome. Also what is your source, this is kind of a kotaku sort of post at the moment.

Source or GTFO.

Still, is 2008 (the official year of the fighting genre renaissance) so i can believe anything.


If SFIV is official than I wouldn’t say this wouldn’t be either. Anything’s possible now. Capcom’s even doing a new vs. series for god sakes. Other than ditching sprites for good Capcom seems to be back and better than ever. I’m secretly a Bloody Roar fan actually. Just like how I’m secretly a DOA fan.

Dude…you gotta stop listening to the dorks and fangirls on and gamefaqs messageboards. The Bloody Roar franchise was retired by Hudsonsoft a few months after the japanese release of BR4. That was announced officially. 2 months later the official websites (north american) and (japanese official site) were taken down. The series is dead. Deader than dreams. it was a good run, up to the piece of unfinished shit that is BR4, but it’s over. Now the only mention of BR 5 is a bunch of pre-teen males and Shen Long + Bakuryu fagfiction-writing fangirls online who don’t know Hudson’s done with the series, fangasming about “They should put this beast form into it, and that beast form. That would be so KYOOWUL!”" That’s all. Nobody at Hudsonsoft has mentioned the game officially in years, other than saying “We are glad to have been able to bring you a series you enjoyed so much.”

Yeah, without source, the title of this topic is extremely misleading.

I thought SRK had a no tolerance policy for these kinds of topics?

OP. this kind of misleading bullshit is bad and you should feel bad. die in a fire, thanks for getting my hopes up asshole

This rumor is almost as bad as the Killer Instinct 3 rumor back when the 360 was released.

Yiff in hell

It made it even worse that you made it sound like its been comfirmed in the title. Oh well atleast you didn’t say rival schools or something…I would’ve been hurt.

what the fuck

Stop messing with my mind. This thread title completely disappointed me :frowning:

Man, I thought I was the only one. :rofl:


I don’t how an animorphs fighting game is original.

What do you mean? That’s where you see the most “They HAVE to make a sequel/What do you want in BR5” threads. And the majority of those posters are slash-loving girls.