Bloody Roar 5!

Could it happen someday?

The 4th game was poorly recieved, but a new sequel could make the franchise come back with a vengeance, it might even better than BR3/PF. I think this one should be made as a response to the growing popularity of FGs today. Anyone else want BR5?

Bloody Roar is the only 3df that has ever interested me. I would be down for a new one.

The 4th game was an unfinished beta in America (the japanese version was probably more complete), and Hudson/Eighting officially retired the Bloody Roar franchise (press conference, “thank you for enjoying this series” and everything) a year after that. It’s over.

Oh wow I never heard about that. Damn I don’t think I’ve EVER heard of a video game company officially retiring an IP. Oh well the series had been going down hill since the 3rd game anyway. Bloody Roar 1-3 are still the shit though.

My God VGmaster…

I fucking HATE YOU. Man. I come in here thinking someone found proof of a new BR game and this fucking bastard did yet ANOTHER one of his shallow damn threads! UGH.

Shit. Stop fucking posting.

I hate you OP…with a passion…you will rue this day…RUE!!!

Why is VGMaster concerned about a BR game?

He’ll just get raped in it anyways. Stay free.

What? I’ve been hearing them say that the series still isn’t dead. Where did you hear that?

Hmm… yep, pretty much my thoughts.

Who’s “them”? A bunch of pre-teen girls who run Bloody Roar Shenlong slash story sites? Hudson thanked the fans on their american and japanese sites, then a couple months after that closed the japan and north american Bloody Roar sites. The links to the public announcement of the end of the franchise on Hudson’s site, along with the respective jp/na thank you messages and pics of the devs were on The Magic Box, and I think mmcafe.

Damn, I thought there was an announcement for BR5. I didn’t know Eighting retired the series, such a shame. Yeah, the BR site is still functioning:
:::: BLOODY ROAR ::::

The best games in the series are definitely 3, and PF/Extreme. I play PF/Extreme every time I get.

Making thread titles like this to posts like this in FGD should get people infracted imo :annoy:

Oh the horrors of not having the rep bar…

There should be a rule that says you can’t make a new thread unless you’re a premium user.

In the 19 months my account has been active, I’ve only made about 4 threads total. Shit is worse than MahJawn’s bloody muscle rants.