Bloody Roar 5

Does anyone have any news on this game? I know it was recently revealed that it was being worked on, but on that same day, it was revealed that it was canceled x.x

I don’t know, but when I think back on the fighting games I grew up with, my fondest memories are of the Bloody Roar series. Which company do we even cry to to show if we want this game to be revived? I miss my Alice, The Rabbit and Uriko, The Cat T_T

Found this if anyone else wants Bloody Roar 5 (quick petition to sign)

Bloody Roar Sequel/Reboot Petition

bloody roar is dead, deal with it

Street fighter, Marvel vs Capcom and Mortal Kombat were dead, too, internet tough guy. Apparently you joined this forum to play one of those fighters. Nice Darkstalkers avatar, btw. Definitely not a dead game, smart ass.

vampire savior isnt dead.

bloody roar is tho.

Got my fucking hopes up. :sad:

In 2004, shortly after Bloody Roar 4 was released in japan, Hudsonsoft held a board meeting where they officially retired the Bloody Roar franchise. On their site’s Bloody Roar page they thanked the fans for their patronage and announced the end of the series. Three months later the closed their Bloody roar websites ( and They had a semi-beta of unused stuff that would’ve gone into 4 (if they hadn’t rushed it and just released a buggy beta as a “finished” game) that they were toying around with building on and releasing for current-gen consoles, but changed their minds after Hudson Entertainment went under. Back to gamefaqs with you.

And with this, the thread is closed. RIP BR, were it not for rushing 4 as well as it being the laughingstock of the series it might have lived longer.