Bloody Roar Av request


If anyone has the time could they make an avatar of Shina/Marvel from BR?

Using any of the images or a combination of them

or from

Make it however you want with whatever you think works with the image and put The Crow on it if possible and just make sure you use her human form or human and beast, just not beast form alone. Thanks in advance.


Well, I suck, but I gave it a try since I like the game, and it seemed like no one else was gonna. :stuck_out_tongue:


thanks for making it, looks great


awe, i was actually working on it :frowning:


So work on it still,he might change his mind.


yeah, i finished it…


Might… :lol:

Sweet work, HK, where do you get your fonts from?



Thanks, but I have to wait for two weeks right? Thanks to both of you for making it. Anyways I like them both and thanks again. Is it alright if I alternate them now and then after the two weeks wait?


you could just wait the two weeks. i don’t mind


thanks again