Bloody Roar for Playstation 4?

Is the rumor true?

If so… what will you expect?

The story to be rewritten to make more sense? Animals that are normal, extinct & myth?

This better be right!

Nobody wants Bloody Roar

I hope so, I missed Bloody Roar :slight_smile:

I want it.

I’d rather have a Guyver fighting game >.>

If there was ever to be a new Bloody Roar I wonder who would develop it… be funny if the Tekken developers made the game.

Bloody roar was ok but I rather see a new Bushido Blade lol


This might be the sole reason to get a PS4 at launch.

Well, it’s something to compete with KI I guess.

Not that KI needed to be competed with. (really, who cares?)

I would love a new Bloody Roar.


Bloody Roar… Bloody Whore

Question is, how the hell should they redo the Beast mode so it doesn’t become all crap-like in BR4?

Oh man hope this true, Bloody Roar was freaking awesome, some of the best character designs I can remember way before Dante (when dante was cool and not bitch dante ala DmC)

If they do revive Bloody Roar, they should do the same as DOA and Ninja Gaiden.

Konami will take over the franchise anyway.

If Bloody Roar can pull off a side vid game like Ninja Gaiden, they can have a new character join the roster.

In Ninja Gaiden, Ryu Hayabusa is the main hero and one of DOA’s finest fighters.
In Bloody Roar’s spin-off game, they can have a new fighter as the protagonist to later join the roster. Think of Altered Beast. That guy can do that power and his ultimate form as his zoanthrope form.

I want nothing to do with it if it has anything left over from Bloody Roar 4.

I’d really like Bloody Roar as well, but what’s with the asshole in that video? From what I gather he wants the return of console wars for the sake of “hype.” Maybe I’m in the minority here but all that would do is exclude a portion of the fan base and give more fuel to stupid console war arguments. Correct me if I’m wrong, but weren’t the last Bloody Roar games on all last gen consoles?

Straight beasting with Xion the Unborn and Bakuryu the Mole. Another reason for me to purchase the PS4.

You betcha that I want a new Bloody Roar. I can totally feel that it would be released on PS4. For how it plays, as long as it is much better than the god awful BR4, I’ll be super happy.

Bloody Roar is probably the only 3D fighting game I actually enjoy! Bloody Roar Primal Fury is one of my all time favorites!

New Bloody Roar FTW!!!