Bloody Roar: Primal Fury Tier List


Bloody Roar isn’t really a very competitive game at all and the learning curve is quite simple. So some may not like this game at all. But there are those who do =P
Now I’ve searched many a time for a tier list and failed. I figured the tier list was either just common sense or that nobody really cared to make one. Well whatever the reason, if one exists, I’d like to be linked to it. If not, can we try to discuss a tier list now?

Here’s what I have so far.

.::UPDATED::. March 19, 2008

S Tier: Uranus
A Tier: Kohryu, Yugo, Alice, Ganesha
B Tier: Stun, Chronos, Bakuryu
C Tier: Uriko, Shen Long, Long (Kung-Fu Kitties)
D Tier: Shina, Gado, Buzushima
F Tier: Jenny, Xion

Brief Summary:

Uranus - Should be quite obvious. She’s the fastest, has great damage output, easy to punish opponents, easy to punish blocks, etc, etc.

Kohryu - For featuring an excellent moveset, great setups (some of which are unblockable I think, although this is unclear to me), great priority, mad super moves, a projectile in beast mode, quick attacks, great mobility, great damage output, and decent mix ups.

Yugo - For incredible block strings that build beast meter rather quickly and ability to cancel many of his attacks. Very quick, nice damage output and excellent priority. Pressure is also a dangerous feat for this guy. His supers aren’t difficult to connect and features great push back techniques if he needs to. Also features stance switching. Not sure as to what benefits he has with them, but it’s there =/

Alice Excellent Juggling opportunities and wall combos. Very safe moves and not bad mixups either. Can make use of an abused Hyper Beast form. Often wins in the battle of trading blows and not so bad at sending opponents out of the ring either.

Ganesha - Excellent Damage output, even greater in beast mode. Size increase, allowing for more distance, via elephant trunk. Uninterrupted maneuvers and can make use of an abused Hyper Beast Form

Stun - For excellent damage output and some unblockables. Can easily setup his grapples and even combo into grapples from punish. Lacking speed and agility, Stun makes up for it by easily being able to take heavy chunks of life away and having a picnic punishing his opponents.

Chronos - In human form, there’s not much to say. While his safe/unsafe moves are about half and half, he’s clearly dependant on his beast forms, in which he has 2 of. Chronos has the great ability to take away the opponents beast gauge to fill up his own, to ensure that he stays in beast mode and potentially prevent his opponent from ever getting it. Has decent juggles in beast form and his Pheonix mode is even more potent with devastating moves and the ability to somewhat fly.


Uriko - Wide variety of combo routes thanks to her combo ring. May seemlessly enter beast mode while performing the combo rings. Very quick and agile. Damage output has much to be desired and super moves can miss sometimes. Very potent block strings.

Shen Long - Wide variety of combo routes thanks to his combo ring. May seemlessly enter beast mode while performing the combo rings. Quick and has decent block strings and pressure abilities. When punishing an opponent, it can be quite time consuming.

Long - Wide variety of combo routes thanks to his combo ring. May seemlessly enter beast mode while performing the combo rings. Decent combo strings and nice mixup options. His throw is great for knocking opponents out of the ring.



Jenny Premature Placement

Buzushima Premature Placement

Xion Premature placement

Please let me know if you agree or disagree so I can shape up this tier list >.<


The dodge ability makes the kung-fu kitties FAR too vulnerable to be ranked where they are. You can easily dodge and throw them out of a string.


Agreed. But some attack strings are situational to dodge after the first attack. For instance, Yugo has a 236P {repeat} block string. I doubt that it is dodgeable at all after the first hit. If it is, it takes quite some experience at dodging the attack.

EDIT: Is it possible at all that there are dodge strings in this game? =/


tiers are wrong, completely arbitrary
Ganesha is top tier
Alice is NOT bottom tier, Bloody Roar Ex 2002 finals in Shibuya had an Alice in finals that beat Yugo who is arguably top three


Where are the tiers listed?
Can you link me?


to be honest everybody kind of has their own tiers for bloody roar games ( paging Giza and Emblemlord )
my tiers would look like this based on the experiences with the game when it had a scene in my old area

a-cronos, ganesha, yugo, fang, long, shenlong, uriko
b-alice, bakuryu, kohryu, busuzima, stun, xion
c- gado, shina, jenny


But that’s what I made the thread for xD
I’m tryin’ to see if we can finally come up with a finalized tier list
for the game, if at all possible. Here’s hoping that it’ll happen =P

Ah, well I only placed Alice at bottom cuz I didn’t know anything about her. So I prematurely placed her in a tier of mine.
Apparently I need to bump her up then >.<


Why exactly do you need a tier list?


Tier whoring. In every damn game. Tiers, tiers.


amen brother:pray:


We tier fucking cars, pens, and even cookies here, this be SRK baby.


Personally, my favorite discussions are tier discussions =P
And I like Bloody Roar. Soooooo… I thought I could
have a tier discussion for Bloody Roar ^^

No we (or “I” rather) don’t need a BR tier list. But I thought it’d
be nice to have one =3

@Infested Jester: lawlz, OREOS FOR TOP TIER!!!


Oreos? Boy you must be a youngin. Chewy chocolate chip regin supreme over oreos.


IMO - The first Bloody Roar was the only one that was playable on a competetive level.


Um 2 and 3 actually. All the others were garbage… BR1 was sorta okay.

ninja edit: nevermind…I liked extreme.


I played 1 and 2 heavily and I fell that 1 > 2. I own BR3 PS2 and Primal Fury on GC. Over these I’d say BR3 PS2 > Primal Fury. I don’t think that games are bad, but I think the debate can easily translate to saying 3S > ST. It’s debateable.

I honestly had no idea, people still played Primal Fury.


I’ll never grow out of Oreos. Anyway, on topic…

@The Chief: I don’t think anybody still does play Bloody Roar anymore.
It’s just one of my personal favorites is all xD And I’m probably one of the
few left that will go back and play it again xP


I loved Bloody Roar 1(Beastorizer was its cooler,original name), BR2 was decent but kinda departed from BR2’s style. BR3 was neat and BR4 was my least played.

A very underrated fighting game series with an original concept, kinda miss it. The artwork/visual style in the series was usually pretty cool.

Umm this IS srk! Here EVERYTHING needs a tier list.

For example, the pancakes i had this morning, weren’t the best but i’d say they were Mid-tier. Probably could’ve been top tier w/better syrup assist.


If they made a BR for next gen it would own everything lol.


Not necessarily. BR4 was kinda lacking(to put it nicely).

Also over the course of the series, i noticed that trademark elements that made it cool got kinda blander as time went on. Like the beast transformations in BR1 were usually kickass looking, electricity & energy surrounding your character, etc.

By the time BR4 came around, they’d turned into these lame, quicky-morphing animations that drained the coolness out of the whole transforming gimmick. Bahh!!