Bloody Roar Series


The first fighting game I’ve played was Bloody Roar. Too bad it had to end.

Wish it can be brought back as Bloody Roar 5. I mean humans transforming to wereanimals/lycanthropes. Does anyone agree that it should be brought back?

If it did, what character can you bring back and what can you create?


A huge wrestler that terns into a little grey alien


^ Gamefaqs crap but here’s the thread for anyone actually interested in playing the game.


I really liked this game, I played BR1 til I could no more. I too wish they would bring it back.


Seriously people, use the fucking search button. We literally had one of these threads a couple of months ago, and it devolved into bitching about Bakura.


With that, can we get a thread close plz


Wish they hadn’t re-done Mitsuko into Stun, Fox into boring-ass, stereotypical spy-slut Jenny…and hadn’t altered Alice’s style (she went from awesome in 1 to “eh” in nearly every following game. To be fair, that was 50/50 because of physics changes in the engine, and with her moves losing range)