Bloody Roar Series

Whaaat happend? I used to love playing this game so much on XBX it feels like it just died one day :(.

I know man, Bloody Roar is great. So far, the best game in the series those far is Bloody Roar Primal Fury/Extreme. Such a huge refinement of BR3 game engine. Number 4 is the weakest one in the series for obvious reasons, though I do check it out every now and then. However, PF/Extreme is the game I go back to every time I get.

As for why there isn’t any new ones now? Well Eighting/Raizing/8ing have been focusing on these fighting games as of late: Fate:UC, Naruto GNT series, Bleach HTS series, and Tatsunoko vs Capcom. Bloody Roar definitely deserves a new game. Heck if Toshinden is even getting a revival, then Bloody Roar should get one too. If they base the engine on PF/Extreme and go from there, that would be awesome.

I just thought the giant inaba rabbit transform was hilarious and cool.

can’t go wrong with the rabbit :).

Reiji from BR4 was pretty cool. But whenever you beastorized into the crow and did air combos he caused massive slowdown.

Series could use a revival. It was fun and had a interesting gimmick.

Wasn’t the slowdown fixed on the japanese version? I believe the American version was released 1st, but I’m not 100% sure.

I don’t know. I refused to import this shit lol. I know JPN version let you earn more points in Career mode so it’d be less strenuous and stupid to unlock beast drives, Ryoho, etc. And gave you more career character slots. Unsure of fixing any glitches.

My main issue with BR4 was the horrible story, voice acting, and dialogue that causes you to wince in pain each time you experience it. And the ugly barriers around stages. Did they really need that eyesore? They were even on the walled stages. And presentation was shitty. Besides all this the gameplay was pretty broken and flawed. I only played because it was a new Bloody Roar and the new characters were kinda cool. Nagi wasn’t even a fucking beast though. What the hell is a spurious? I still don’t even know what she was doing in the game or why she was even there besides being Xion’s fatal attraction.

A “Spurious” is something that is similar to original but still fake and has no genuine qualities of it’s own. Hence why Nagi is like Xion but not really. It was something about her getting infected by the DNA of Xion’s Unborn form. She was trying to kill Xion for turning her into a monster and for killing someone she liked(I think). To me Nagi is a rip-off of my favorite comic Witchblade. Which is why I like her.

Yeah the dialogue and story were pretty bad. I just wanted to play it for the new characters. Personally, I liked the new characters. I knew they would put a dragon in the game eventually. I just wish Mana was a full Nine-Tailed Fox. Then she would have been more useful. I’m guessing since she’s a kid, Mana only has one tail at the moment. As she gets older she’ll most likely get more tails.

wish i knew what happened to my bloody roar games :[

Bloody roar 3 and PF is where’s at. I don’t mind them putting the new characters in a future iteration, but please bring the quality gameplay and presentation back. I am not touching BR4 ever again.

YES! BR3 was sick. I really hope that there are some future ideas for the series, it would be a shame not to have a rebirth with todays consoles (fuck Wii though).

I liked BR4 more than the other ones execpt for the first one.

What exactly was wrong with BR4, aside from the shitty story and VA (other fighters have worse stories)?

Well along with the above mentioned problems, the beast gauge had it’s own seperate health bar for god knows what reason. Plus it really didn’t feel the same, and I played all the other one’s, this one didn’t flow so well.

I mainly used Bakuryu, Ninja Mole was to cool. I remember in BR2 (I believe) a friend of mine mained Stun and he always gave me problems, had a few good ways to snuff my combo chains.

I have BR3 somewhere. It was an okay game. Bosses were pretty bullshit.

I mained Uriko, Nagi, and Alice. Sometimes I shit around with Uranus.

Why do I get the feeling you have only played those two games? Why do I also get the feeling you never played any of the games seriously? And why do also get the feeling you have very questionable taste in conventional fighters?

(looks at sig)


If the series gets a revival like Toshinden, let it rest in piece. Wii only+bland graphics=no thanks

I played ALL BR. I’m a huge BR fan and I played it when it first came out.

I play all fighters, regardless if they are casual or not, seriously.

And people say I have odd tastes in gaming (cause I prefer DMC2 over DMC3), however in the end, it is all subjective.

And whats wrong with playing with all chicks in fighters? :rofl:

Man I loved the Bloody Roar series up until part 4. Just didn’t click with me, especially after the greatness of the first 3.

Hopefully we’ll see another in the future.

Part one was released on psn last week for 5.99…