Bloody roar thread: it may be a masher, but you know you love it

so enjoyed the series, I did i still play 2 on a daily basis

I do?

its not a masher, you just dont know how to play it

Trying to get 100000 people to sign a petition to rez this AMAZING GAME.

Bloody Roar 1? Really?

All about that Beastiorizer homey.

No a Reboot.

Imagine Bloody Roar…WITH X-FACTOR

Could be called BEAST FACTOR

it would be called hyperbeast [details=Spoiler]and its already in the game[/details]

yeah… good luck with that.

Aww man, I loved Bloody Roar: Primal Fury on the Gamecube, I played the crap out of that game. Was all about Shen Long the White Tiger. Remember Chronos? I remember when anybody I showed him too would say “Lol, his beast mode is a penguin? Fail”. Then they’d go into Hyper-Beast mode and the opinion would change considerably.

Good times, I say with all honesty if they made a new one I’d buy it. It was my “MK” growing up.

Bloody Roar 2&3 is probably my favorites of the series. when 4 came out though it was like “man, this shit is GAY.” . i think Bakuryu and Xion were my mains back then. the game is still pretty good to this day, and most of the battle engine was put into the Clash of Ninja series, which was also pretty popular at the time. dammit, your making me want to go buy that game for my wii now…bastard.

If it were possible, I’d so play you in BR2. God, that game provided hype moments.

Curious question. What BR game would you guys consider to be the best one?

I keep hearing Primal Fury as the best and BR 4 as the worst…although I thought 4 was ok when I was younger.

man…we need this series to return. i had so much mindless fun with shin long in br3.

Bloody Roar 3 is the best game in the series 1 and 2 are pretty good, personally i like BR1 more than BR2.
The series took a nose dive after 3, Primal Fury is essentially an extremely dumbed down version of 3 and BR4 is absolute garbage

really? i thought the gamecube/xbox version would be better considering it added a few characters (Cronus being very popular for some). what exactly did it do to the system that made it even more simplistic than what it was?

simplified overlapping button input throw/heavy guard/evade/ all the same button.
simplified evade making it 1 button now if you mistime you will still get a guard rather than being prone.
properties of moves changed so you no longer need a CH in most cases (eg. stuns 214k will cause knockdown 100% of the time).
increased windows of escape on throws.
command throws are now teachable.
removed the high/low throw game.
removed trades.
air recovery moves your character too far away making it a get out of jail free in air.
increased the frames of no tracking during sidestep and increased its speed making it a get out of jail free on ground.
light guard active while while sidestepping.
can activate hyperbeast at any time even if you have no meter.
beast mode lasts longer and meter builds quicker.
more lenient with air cancel.

I came in on Bloody Roar 2.
I remember loving the gameplay and how everyone had beast forms.
Also, the awesome announcer.
“Uriko, the half beast / Shenlong, the tiger”

Fuck yeah, I loved this game back in the day. I was a kid and casual as fuck, but I had so much fun beating people up with Bakuryu. Fucking teleports and Inazuna drops.

Also had a crush on Shina back then.

@_@, i’m still young as fuck but i’m already feeling nostalgic lol.

yep…thatd make a “simple” game even more simpler.

The announcer is just about the only thing I remember that well from this game.