Bloody Roar World


This is gonna be a revival of the best (maybe only) Beastial Fighter series. Stay tuned for more. Rwaar!!


Anyhoo, sorry :sweat_smile: but i’m only posting again since i didn’t finish my 1st post (did this on bus)
What I’d like to do here, is post some tutorial vids (on my YT channel too), also talk about why we love the BR series so much (Which animal we identify with, does the storyline make sense, most OP character, etc.). If you got fanart, post it. Your own video play sessions? Yeah, throw it on here.
I want…i NEED this series to return, as the story game it was allways meant to be: Diverse, passionate peoples, or all races and species, learning to live together. THAT, is what the BR World is to me (…um and Shina, gawd she’s kawaii :smile: )


We have a discord for the Bloody Roar community here:
Some match videos can be found here:
Info on the game can be found here:
Basic combo guide can be found here:
Old Bloody Roar SRK thread can be found here: Bloody Roar 3/Primal Fury/Extreme