Bloody Roar?

Was BR ever in tournaments?
I hope they make an updated version that is tournament worthy, as well as KI.
Now that developers see that fighting games have consumed a new audience, shouldn’t there be a return to form for some of the better fighters of the past?

Bloody Roar had a decent following in Japan there was some tournaments for BR3 and i remember a pretty big Primal Fury tourney when it was released, Primal Fury died off and then we got BR4 which was… uh… yeah… i don’t want to talk about it.
But BR3 was legit, doubt very much we will see a new game since its been almost 10 years and Hudson is dead.

I doubt they will ever make a version especially about tournaments. And as Khentimentiu said, Hudson are quite dead or at least thats what we see.
Mentioning developers and hopes of tournaments, theres one thing that comes to my mind.
I personally hope that developers like the ones of fba, will get their hands on psarc95 code and put it into final burn, with the ggpo and supercade… those tournaments can be resurrected. Well, at least for BR2, it is not such a hype now like it was back in the days, anyway it is still amazing title that I love to play now or then. It would be cool in a nostalgic way.

I loved that game and 3 was the shit. Its the only 3d fighter i was ever hooked on. I was young didn’t even know what i was doing but i played countless hours. That and CVS2…lol

I still like to play Primal Fury now and then, does anyone know more about the “hidden” beast drives certain characters have? Busuzima in particular will often do a hidden combo when played by the CPU that starts with his QCB throw. I couldn’t find any videos on Youtube, so I uploaded two of my own showing how to do Shina’s and Long’s hidden stuff:


Phoenix-form Chronos has a third as well but I didn’t bother recording it, it’s a 270+B motion starting from forward/back and ending in up. I’ve heard that Xion also has a hidden combo, but the computer has never performed it on me to my knowledge. I think CPU Alice has, but it was so long ago I’m not sure if I can trust my memory.

Shina, Busuzima, Shenlong, Long and Cronos are the characters with hidden supers, None of them are much use Shenlongs can sometimes be used as a juggle ender and Cronos has a few gimmicky combos with his but nothing practical while Shina and Busuzima can get way more damage of command throws than using the hidden supers.

Busuzimas hidden super is B,P,K,K,B,B after his command throw, the timing is tricky it must be done just as he lets go.

I wish they would make a new one…it is an awesome game.

Man I hated - HATED - trying to pull that off. I think I got it once in an actual match, lol.

And I loved the Bloody Roar series until BR4, which… eh… ugh. I’d love to see this happen - especially with the advent of online play - but yeah, it look slik a lost cause. :frowning:

I still have my copy of Primal Fury that I almost sold recently. Glad I kept it for the rare occasion I feel like popping it in for kicks. Shina/Shenlong main. :smiley:

whatever happened to the twitter troll last year? i thought konami was “investigating”

Dunno’. But that troll broke my heart man. :’(

Sorry guys but my friends and I asked Seth Killian last year and even research led ourselves… The team responsible for Bloody Roar worked HEAVILY on Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. They’re where ideas like x-factor came from.

That’s why the game is a 4 button fighter (launcher being like the beast mode/special button)

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What gave it away, the Eighting logo on the box and start up screen or the fact they are listed as the main developer on pretty much every website with info on the game lol,
they also made Tatsunoko vs. Capcom and Fate/unlimited codes but im not sure what this has to do with Bloody Roar

Edit: bloody roar has no launch button or x-factor either

My phone cut off half of my post and I hadn’t realized.

I have to find the post but I remember and article on kotaku about eighting saying they weren’t doing another BR and that their work would live on in other fighters.

And obviously it didn’t have a launch button (its also special, could be used an attack button in beast mode) but there was an x-factor similar function in Primal Fury if I’m not mistaken. I think it was hyper beast mode.

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More like Bloody Bore

Hyperbeast was more like darkforce form vsav or stuff like Arthur’s and Hsien Ko armour hypers in MvC3 if you really want to compare it to that, you spend meter for extra properties like hyper armour, guard breaks, any cancel point, etc it was different for each character.

bloody roar to me was a very unique and skill full game with massive intense combos and far outrageous specials of death my favorite characters where alice,uriko,long,bakuryu,long,yugo, and jenny, extreme was my favorite then 2, 1,4 and 3 if they every made a bloody roar 5 that would be my day awesome game to play :slight_smile:

Yeah I figured at this point there wouldn’t be a Bloody Roar anytime soon, as much as I would love to see it. I really,really got heavy into BR2 and even more into Primal Fury/3. I just wanted one more to wash the bad taste of Bloody Roar 4 away.

Still, Eighting has been on all sorts of projects since, so no surprise there. It would have been nice to see it return perhaps with a revamped style leaning back to the more comic-like presentation of the second game.

  • sigh * Ah well. Some dreams can’ come true. :frowning:

As long as Eighting is still around we might get a new game. Capcom get them busy with all sorts of projects so the day won’t be coming anytime soon.

So Eighting still owns the rights to BR? Or Konami? I’d be ecstatic for another installment. I figure if they don’t want to touch the series anymore, why not hand it off to another developer?

Eighting owns it since Bloody Roar had been published by multiple publishers.