Bloody Roar


Does anyone have a desire to bring Bloody Roar back?

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It is a pipe dream, though an indie imitation may come to fruition eventually or the characters could receive new life in EF-12. Last installment (BR4) was kind of weak with separate health bars for beast and humanoid forms and a lack of gameplay evolution. Only good thing about it was the ability to sidestep more naturally (tapping up or down twice). The focus for the best received installments was always presentation and balance was never really something they strived for. I always played it relatively casually and I am not sure if I would be willing to pay full price to play another installment given the relative simplicity of its predecessors. However, it would be neat to see.


Lets see. Bloody Roar is the IP of Husdon Soft, who in turn is owned by Konami. So yeah don’t get your hopes up for that series making a return.


But ever since Killer Instinct’s return, there’s gotta be a way to revive it. If Konami won’t do it, some other company oughta buy it from them somehow.


Bloody Roar was never as popular as KI. No company is going to take a chance with that IP. Plus 3D fighters are dead according to this board


People who say such things as “3D fighters are dead” are jerks!


If Bloody Roar won’t come back, maybe a new fighting game that can do the same as BR? Transform into a beast.

Street Fighter & Tekken are different though.


Hmm, well for starters that beast transformation mechanic really needs to be reworked. There’s no downside to it, and even if you run out of meter for it, you stay in it until you are knocked down. So if you’re maintaining pressure, your foe is kinda fucked if they can’t transform. But yeah I don’t see why someone can’t make a game inspired by Bloody Roar. I always thought it’d be cool to see such a feature in Darkstlkers. In which they could transform into their full demonic versions of themselves.


Don’t remind Konami they own the rights to this game please, my poor heart couldn’t take a BR pachinko machine.


Maybe they can bring back the beast drives too.


Darkstalkers had narm, if people were being as honest as they can regarding BR, the games following the 2nd weren’t that good and had no plans of improving. There’s really not a drought in fighting games so I don’t know why some want to dredge up the truly terrible fighters from the PS2 era.


Having played the Bloody Roar games back to back, I can honestly say that timing, combo fluidity, and movement were greatly improved in the PS2 iterations compared to PS1 versions. However, the presentation took a hit and the system design refused to evolve. In my opinion it would be more interesting if the beast form supers were removed completely, both characters started with the beast form (unless they chose to play with humanoid handicap) and were forced to go back to being human when health was low.


No offense but you don’t really have a clue what you’re talking about.


Why would I take offense from some no account hack job? Truthfully speaking if you’re one if the tards who thought Bloody Roar 4 was a good idea, you should probably drink Drano.


This can be attributed to being on a system that is better however there is no excuse for Bloody Roar 4. I’ll take the best qualities from the 2nd game over the trifling, piss poor job of the last game all day/every day. Also there was nothing so glaringly horrible in regards to the first 2 BR titles, yet the 4th game on the better console was tacky and a mess in general.


Have you played Bloody Roar 2 lately? The combat feels far more archaic than 4’s even with all of the problems with the latter. There is also a bit of fun to be had with redesigning characters’ tool sets in the latter…


Someone’s gotta bring it back. Would love the guard escape mechanic in Br3 make a return. good mechanic.


I also won’t forget Guilty Gear & Blazblue.

Sol Badguy vs Ragna the Bloodedge

I hope a new fighting game inspired by Bloody Roar can do that.


lol “no account hack job?” the fuck does that even mean?

Alright since you seem confused, 3 is generally considered the best game in the series and it still played competitively, 1 and 2 were good games but no one really plays them, 1 has some serious balance issues and 2 has buggy movement particularly when characters end up off axis.

3 revamped guard escape, added air canceling, added hyper beast, greatly fleshed out the movesets of the cast, refined the movement and tweaked various other mechanics making it overall a much smoother game than the first 2.

Primal Fury/Extreme is when the series started to go down hill, some people think PF was a port of 3, its not its a completely different game built on a new engine with many differences, generally complains with the game are how simplified it was compared to 3, the poor controls, the new hyperbeast system and the stiffness of the movement/aircancel. PF was not on the PS2 it was a gamecube game and unlike the past titles had no arcade release.

4 is actually a butchered port of PF, most of the PF assets can be accessed via hacking or glitching, the game is a mess and was released in its alpha/beta stages. god knows why it was released in such a state my guess is something to do with the konami merger.

Who the fuck am I??? someone who actually plays the game that’s who.


Instead of wanting to bring back dead fighters that very few cared about, why not support the indie games that SRK members have been trying to make on their own?