Bloody Roar


its dead, unless konami outsources the IP to another company, that company has to take interest in making a new one; someone could propose the idea but its a pipe dream, more than likely the company would not get a profit with a crowded market already. Hell KI had to be free for windows 10 just to reignite interest. I feel like this topic comes up once every 6 months


To be fair, Bloody Roar 4 has unlockable evade (guard escape equivalent), air cancel, and hyperbeast skills among others. Sidestep is also much improved.

I do not desire to support most indie games because pioneers in the genre captured the imaginations and hearts of those playing, while most of the indie games are cringe-worthy anime or hipster trash imitating games I never cared for. Outside of Kings of Kung Fu I do not feel compelled to waste my time with them.

Shame with KI and Windows 10, would have willingly payed $40 dollars for it if it was available for Windows 7.


I play it every once in awhile. Also it largely depends on what you consider archaic. I can still pull off combos effortlessly, there’s hardly any slow down between frames and the cast is perfect. If that’s all you can manage to say about the 4th game which is a debacle then I rest my case.


Dude I have played every single game, you shouldn’t have started with the ‘gee your opinion is so out there that you must not know what you’re on about. But no offense tee hee.’ None of what you said is hardly what I touched upon you just said that to vainly prove that the little bit that you do know is barely applicable. It’s barely applicable because none of what you typed means the last game was any good.


You claimed, and i quote

Which is not you expressing your opinion but making a flat statement which holds no truth, something you would not have said if you knew anything about BR’s competitive scene and history. and now you’re getting all riled up because you were called out on it.

Saying you have played the game means nothing, have you played the game in a competitive environment? are they any videos of you playing? so far you have given me nothing to indicate you know what you are talking about, I gave you a very brief summery after you claimed everything after 2 was bad and “had no plans of improving” If you want me to talk about the games mechanics/characters/strats in depth go to the actual Bloody Roar thread, the one thats been up for years in the Other games section because this isn’t the place for it.

Furthermore i never once made the claim 4 was good, quite the opposite in fact, and i didn’t even mention the game till after you did.


I agree with what says about the series


How embarrassing for you.


bruddy roh


You must be mental or else no one with a fully functioning brain would misconstrue you straight up saying I don’t know what i’m talking about. At one point i’ve own all the games successively so that’s how I know what I am talking about. And did you really just use the fact that it had a competitive scene as a means to prove it was playable at a high level?

Uhhh ok there are a slew of games that were competitive that doesn’t mean they need to make a return from a long hiatus and furthermore you didn’t need to mention 4…it is part of the series of games whether you acknowledge it or not and it is undoubtedly the worst. No one is riled up, I just can’t stand posers like yourself.



LOL poser, you just dont have a clue mate, you dont have a clue.

Bloody Roar is the don all about primfury/extreme is there a bag of guys really interested in playing this?


No one really plays Primal Fury/Extreme due to a combination of disliked system changes and the fact it alienated the already established fanbase.


I heard that the BR guys preferred BR2 + BR3 but they are just so broken BR2 is one bang central and BR3 is just same move cancel loop pressure. With PR you actually get to see the wide variety of tools and moves used. That is my experience of BR anyway I enjoyed all of them except for BR4 but BRPR was my favourite at least to play against other players on anyway. What your views on the franchise as a whole den mate?


BR1 is broken, 2 and 3 aren’t, you see a wide variety of play in 3, some characters excel at pressure others at defense or zoning etc, Ganesha in PF is the undisputed king of cancel loop pressure lol.

I love the series, 1,2 and 3 are great games and PF/EX had a lot of cool stuff and some great ideas but was ultimately let down by some of the system changes that make the game fall apart at higher levels of play but its by no means a bad game. 4 was just terrible its clearly unfinished and broken in almost every aspect, which is a shame because it could have been a good game if they actually put time into developing it using PF as a base and ironing out the problems that game had and then building on it, would have been nice to see Ryoho & Mana shine in a game that didn’t suck.

As much as i do love the series i dont think they should bring it back, not with Konami at the wheel, i dont believe for a second they would do the game justice.


Would be cool if someone bought it back though in one way or another. It has bin a long time since I played BR but I remember everyone being the cancel loop pressure king in BR3 from personal memory lol especially Shenlong but fair play. Would be cool to find some heads to play some serious matches it would be mad fun to watch


Yeah Shenlong was an absolute monster with the elbow bullrushing, Greg was worse in the first game for that though he could do the same thing with a move that had about 3 times the range on it and if it connected he could touch of death you, i miss Greg lol.

Anyway here’s a channel that uploads weekly BR3 matches, i dont know anyone who still uploads PF/EX stuff sorry.


BR1 is not one I remember well these times when 2 came out that was dust in the wind lol but yea that one was obviously broken. Things like the continued cancel rush is just taboo for me PR is the game I always remember where the full extent of tools were used and the combos and neutral game were clean even balanced thats why its my go to one and the one I have most affinity too. I am interested in exactly what parts of PR you guys didnt like or what was done better previously and safe for the link man will check it out. If you do weekly stuff would be cool to do some BR2 to BRPR as a change up how many of you guys are there that actually still play BR?


My one problem I remember with PR was how transform gave you an additional half a bar for like no reason lol should just build up what you use


Ill list the good and the bad with PF/EX, quite a few of its problems were actually good ideas just implemented poorly.

The Bad:
Hyper Beast, this is a great idea having characters gain unique bonuses and traits in hyper beast and having it work more like Rave did from the first game, the problem is you can use it at any time even with no meter, using it with no meter cost health but since you are in hyper beast you can just get it all back instantly, 2 very simple fixes to this would be either make it unusable with no meter or have it remove all the white life when you hyper beast so you cant just recover it back, this is one of the things i would have loved to see be improved on.

No trade’s/Clash, attacks cant trade in PF/EX instead they clash with neither player taking damage or stun, this heavily favors faster characters and hurts characters like Stun and Gado.

Side step is too strong, BR though a 3D game actually plays way more like a 2D game, i guess they decided they wanted side stepping to be more of a thing with PF so they made it way stronger than it was previously however they made no change to the way tracking moves work meaning some characters really struggle to deal with side stepping, this is compounded by the fact light guard is active during side step in PF/EX for some reason meaning moves not only need good tracking but also guard break.

Heavy Guard/Throw/Evade mapped to the same button, Don’t know why they did this, causes various problems, feels clunky and lets you do HGuad, Evade, throw tech OS thats not possible in any other game. Probably one of the worse changes and it was seemingly done for no reason.

High/Low throw game removed, Every other game in the series has high and low throws, crouching beats high throws but loses to low throws, PF/EX got rid of this, characters still have low throw animations but throw is just throw and high or low is automatic, again no reason for this change and all it did was remove depth from the game.

Air cancel stiffness, Air Cancel is very stiff and unresponsive in PF/EX, this is actually due to a new type of canceling mechanic in PF/EX which i will go over more in the good parts, all it needed was a minor tweak to be made smooth again.

Air recover, this one is a bit weird and i dont know if its a bug or a leftover from development or intentional, PF/EX actually has 2 types of air recover, the standard one that’s been in the game since the beginning and then a hidden one that only works with a specific button press, the problem? well this hidden air recover is way too strong effectively letting you get out of any airborn situation for freewith no risk, if you know how to exploit this it becomes very difficult for your opponent to mount any sort of offense or land any meaningful damage, this is one of the changes that really hurt the game at higher levels of play

The Good:
New characters, Both Ganesha and Cronos were great additions to the game with very unique palystyles, Ganesha is one of my personal favorite characters from the series and is down right terrifying with hyperbeast.

New canceling mechanic(s) Ok so they added 2 new types of air cancel to PF/EX which IMO is one of the best changes, first one is really simple you can air cancel into a move with a TK input, for example Busuzima can do his command throw follow it up with his 214K Exercise kicks and then TK his Super giving him a reliable way to combo into his super, obviously you can do more with it that that. Second one is the ability to cancel your air cancel, the way this is done is by rolling the stick to forward after an air cancel, so an example Shina launches with her 241B Rising Laser then air cancels with up and quickly rolls to forward she will stay grounded and the recovery of RL will be removed, the problem with this was the input leniency was too high on it so you would frequently get it while trying to do normal air cancels.

Personalized Hyperbeast, as i said before this was a great addition, each character got unique bonuses and traits while in hyper beast, eg, Ganesha gets Hyper Armor, Bakuryu gets damage through block, Jenny gets Vampiric Life Steal etc.

Overall i dont think it would have taken much to fix PF/EX so its a shame the problems with the game weigh it down, also like i said before releasing the game on a different console to the rest of the games in the series and having no arcade release certainly didn’t help it.


I knew about some of these things but in terms of the bad I never took into account air cancel stiffness, side step isse and outright forgot about high/low throws and trade/clashs. This is very informative though we thanks for dropping the knowledge I can see why people who play BR religiously would have some problems with certain things they did in PR. I am glad to hear though that with some changes here and there this could be the best game for PR I have always felt this good go from amazing to phenomenal in just a few changes myself. Great youtube channel btw Gado, Stun, Yugo and Uriko were my chars