Bloody Roar


I’d love for BR to make a comeback even if BR1 was really the only installment I truly loved to play because after that they just added too many characters that IMHO were pretty shitty designs. Not that Greg was an amazing design, but at least having a Gorilla is 600% cooler than just having a second Tiger, or a “Half-Beast” Cat.

If the series ever returns, I’d like to see the original 8 characters back. Alice was my main in BR1 before they took away all her fun stuff and hard-hitting moves.


They only added like 2 tigers and 2 wolfs and its not like they or the half beast or the unknown did not have actual stories. Saying that I do wish mans like Greg and the Fox chick were still in the game if they do a new one should bring them back. They have to keep long and shen long as is but maybe they can do something different with fang maybe they should had some pre historic transformation seeing as they have legendary beasts and everything else then they could make him like a Dire Wolf or something. We could even get a sabertooth maybe etc


They never added birds & aquatic creatures into the game. Such a shame. Not enough reptiles either.

For reptiles, they got a chameleon. They never brought out a cobra.

They never brought out an eagle & shark.


Raven= is bird.
They also had dragon.

Fox is a dude


Or a chick, depending on which version you’re playing.

And Chrono was a penguin/phoenix, so yeah there was a birdburd.

And no aquatic creatures…they probably wanted stuff with limbs. Thinking on it, missed opportunity for a literal Street Shark.


Well not enough birds. But the most main bird of all - the eagle, could’ve been added.

If they added a shark zoan, we’d have inspiration from Street Sharks & King Shark.

A crocodile or alligator, inspiration from Killer Croc.

That goes for if they added a snapping turtle, TMNT.


Penguins are both birds and aquatic.

checkmate atheists.


bloody roar extreme was the most satisfying 29.95 I had ever spent.


I thought Primal Roar was the best. Best gameplay, and good variety of animal forms. Konami brought back Bomberman, they might bring this back.


If bloody roar comes back, who should be the developer?


I liked how the announcer would yell the character names as if they were all friends he hadn’t seen in years.

“Gado! Jenny! Busuzujime!”


Konami’s stuck on Panchiko boxes. Someone needs to buy BR from them.


Gimme my stun and shina please. Antler bomb the rap outta people with the insect grappler.


I keep hearing about how the US version of BR4 is full of glitches, slowdown and all that, but never actually experienced it. Did they patch it some time later?
Anyway, here’s why I’m here : the 20th anniversary of BR is coming fast and I’m working on a tribute album. Does anyone here know who I can contact for permission?


How would they patch it? It was the PS2 years, LOL.


This isn’t unheard of, look at OoT. The red and green blood, and the fire temple bgm.


I played Bloody Roar 2 yesterday and was pleasantly surprised by how well it aged! It sure was a fun franchise.


the sound fx in 2 make my ears bleed.
everything is so loud and metallic.


Very simple game yet it was fun and pretty interesting. I would like to see another sequel. Even to this day I still don’t know hot to play it properly tho, I only know a few moves with Long lmao.