Bloody Roar


Bloody Roar could do really well in this market. FGs are still pretty poised to become a big part of E Sports, DLC could make a killing for Konami, and the furry movement could have something to jizz itself over. Give it a small but dedicated team to create it (with decent art direction) and then watch the money flow in. I bet it would at least do better than KI.


That shit stays with you as a kid though. I still remember the KRRRRRRAAAAAANNNNNGGGGG of faultless defense against Justice’s Gamma Ray in the original Guilty Gear.


if bloody roar came out today, how would shen long be handled?


I loved the first two games for PSX. Very interesting fighter with a unique gimmick.


Yup I still think theres a shot, just need some idea is all


I absolutely loved the BR games as a kid, and would love to see them return, even if its just a bundle of HD remasters on current gen xD

I doubt they’d be something I’d play competateively, so wouldn’t be that fussed about how balanced they were or weren’t way back when. I’d just like a convenient way of playing them now!


I would have liked a BR crossover game. I mean, Ramon, Nakoruru and Terry as guest characters, each one with their transformation. It would be cool to see guest characters with transformations. A cool application for the concept, IMO.


I enjoyed the series quite a bit, but missed the last entry when it made the jump to (at the time) next gen consoles. I was sad to hear it just up and stopped and the future of the series was dubious due to the studio being shut down. : /

I’d love a modern take on it. The storyline reminded me of X-men a bit, made it pretty cool to be more than just a tournament style setting.


If Bloody Roar came back, since Cronos transforms from penguin to phoenix, they should bring up a concept where some fighters transform into normal beasts and evolve into stronger beasts based on mythical beasts, demons, angels & aliens.

One human would be the first to be playable who at first carries a grudge towards all zoanthropes and wants them all gone. But realizes his error near the end when Yugo saves him and they start treating each other as allies. The human and Gado can act as representatives for both races. Imagine the human fighter using an Iron Man-like battlesuit that copies a beast and its abilities.

The story of it does remind us of X-Men. But later games all races unite against bigger threats.


Nah, forget it.


Yo, never say never.
The 20th anniversary is coming, maybe it will get some coverage


Maybe if they made a terra formars fighting game in the same vain as BR


I only played Bloody Roar 4 which a friend helped fine for me. I have not played it for a long time but wow did the game feel fluid and good even on a pad. I need to try the rest of the series and would support a new game being made.


they should have just added Nagi, Reiji and Ryoho & Mana to Primal Fury instead.


Ryoho and Mana were neat but Reiji and Nagi blegh, Reiji is just a retooled remixed Cronos and Nagi is just awful and generic as all hell.

Also forgot to say in my OP, Extreme is a much better game than Primal Fury, they went back and fixed almost all of the games problems and added a bunch of other updates like balance fixes and stuff, sadly this version of the game is only available in Japan, the XBOX game called Extreme is actually just the US version of Primal Fury with none of the fixes or updates, the only thing they did was replace the cut scenes with awful ps1 era CGI and added Fang as a playable character.


Here are petitions to bring Bloody Roar back. Check this one:

Here’s my petition as well! Plus it’d be nice if Koei Tecmo bought BR from Konami.


why Koei Temco specifically?
don’t get me wrong, Koei Tecmo can do Bloody Roar justice.
but Bandai Namco can do so aswell.


Hell NO, id rather the series stay dead than have koei techmo or namco ruin it.



Doesn’t anyone want this series back to free us from our boredom!?


Only if Eighting make it, I dont want the game to be dumbed down and turned into some shallow tekken clone.