Bloomington IN Hype in Hoosierville!


Anyone rocking fighters down here? give a shout out!


Holla! Did you just move here?


I did only two weeks ago. I’m in a grad program, but looking for some matches. SF4 is my big investment right now but I’ll play mostly anything


Ah ok. I’m still in school here as well. Let me know when you’d be down for some games. I play pretty much anything, but I haven’t been able to find anyone else that plays.


Hey man, this is genjiglove from the forums. Just thought I’d take a look at your thread over here, looks like ghetto on the rise noticed too.


Does Tuesday work for you Ghetto?


Tuesday should actually work perfectly I think. I’ll let you know for sure tomorrow or so but it should be ok. Nap, you think you can get in on this?


Depends on what time it is, I have a class at 6:00 pm on Tuesday nights. If we could do it during the day and I could be out by like 5:00 or so that would be ok.


Tuesday I have class from 4-6.30
I also am on PS3 and only have 1 stick. Will need to figure that out depending on which system we play on. Grad school makes me a poor gamer.


I have a PS2 stick with a converter that I can bring if we play on PS3. I believe ghetto has a PS3 stick too. And if we play on a 360, I have a TE stick I can bring and you can use it if you want.


Bad news, Tuesday won’t work. I gotta head back up to Indy after class that night. Next Tuesday should work or perhaps Friday. I’ll keep you guys posted. Have some wonky scheduling going on currently.


That’s good. Tuesday got bad for me too actually. I can do either friday or next tuesday as well. Just let me know.


yay Dave is gonna play SSF4 :woot:


Friday or next Tuesday are both fine with me too.

My name is Nathan by the way, so you guys don’t have to call me by more hastily thought up user name NAP. Ghetto, sorry I forgot your name (Dave, I’m assuming by the post above me).

Do you guys want me to bring my PS2 for 3S or anything? When Dave and I hung out his PS2 looked like it had seen better days.


My PS3 has BC so we can rock 3s on it. I have HDR for those of us who don’t get all fussy about the sprites. Also have MvC2 HD.

I haven’t tested all the KOFs, but I know '01 has some slowdown which likely means '02 does too.


Well just so you know, playing any game via PS3 BC has some lag involved. Not that I’m a hardcore 3S guy and would probably even really notice, but it is there. It has to do with how the PS3 outputs the video or something, theres no way to get around it.

I’m fine with HDR though, thats actually my preferred SF game at the moment.


Haven’t played any serious HDR in a while. Sounds good.
Genj do you have a neo still? I don’t remember.


Haha, no I’ve never actually owned an AES in my life. I’ve always either been arcade or a rom whore.


aw, I got fatal fury special and one stick. Comp rush!


I do have the PS2 Fatal Fury collections though. As well as Art of Fighting and World Heroes. To be honest though I’ve never been as into SNK as I am Capcom or Namco fighters. I do love SNK games, but they haven’t released a game I’ve been interested in for many years.