Blow up SRK

i saw this on another forum and though it was pretty cool

put this in your address bar


arrow keys to move

space bar to fire

enjoy blowing up srk!

just put it all in a spoiler or something instead…
that’s pretty cool actually

Pretty neat

Lol this is cool thanks for posting.

Haha this is sick.

This is pretty awesome. I would love to know how they did this.

Man… you get props.

:tup: This is a lot of fun :lol:

epic win

Mr. Wizard probably spent endless hours trying to blow up GD. :rofl:

Fucking epic


Just very clever javascript

Imma blow up my school’s website :smiley:

Oh SNAP!! :looney:

Lol I’m so badass.

I had fun putting this into my school’s computers…then people come on and are confused why half of google is kaboom

Lol will try next time I’m in lab. The poor old technologically incapable faculty won’t know what hit em xD