Blue blazes, he's AWESOME! The Nova Thread!

not to mention he has a slide which can be cancled into a overhead

normals that cross up

I think that the red life thing is really bad. It makes him a bad anchor, and because you have to burn red health to make his beam hyper good, it’ll be crap other times. just look at MODOK.

Fly cancelling his specials will help with the unsafe issue.

Here’s the thing with Vergil (and a lot of people in his thread have been saying this), his whole game is around basic mixups that are going to be strong early on, but people will learn them eventually.

With Nova, he has so many more options and doesn’t need a teleport to do it.

It’s pretty whack to compare Nova to Dante, who can do everything and is insanely complex.

In the interest of having the UMvC3 character threads be as awesome as possible, I am posting here to offer up my current Ultimate Dormammu Thread as a base skeleton to anyone who intends to manage a character thread, or something similar, in Ultimate. It is currently stripped of information, and will remain so until about a week before release. I am not attempting to toot my own horn, but rather offer to others what took me quite a bit of work to do, so that those who would rather not spend the time on such things do not have to.

I have received a lot of compliments to-date about the structure, and a few people have requested permission to use its structure for UMvC3, so I thought I would go around and make the offer to others who might not be aware that someone out there has already done the grunt work for them (haha). Because I am posting this in all the character forums, and this is time consuming on its own, I have not taken the time to check for how developed the thread I am posting on current is. Thus, I ask that no one be offended at my suggestion if your character forum is well constituted already - I mean no intrusion upon your methodologies!

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Dante isn’t complex, this is a myth that keeps getting perpetuated for some reason. Dante is a very basic character, he simply has a few unusual inputs.

I have to beg to differ on that, anybody with 10-15 really good/useful moves is by definition complex.

He’s easy AND complex, weirdly enough.

Most of his moves are combo fodder, he really only has a few useful moves.

Killer bee, hammer, jam session, hysteric, drive, trick, twister, acid rain,crystal, volcano, beehive, reverb shock, air play, weasel shot, thunderbolt, vortex are all useful in and outside of combos. These are just the 16 I use most often. Alot of his moves are situational but all are useful. Just because you can abuse his more derpy assets doesn’t make him any less complex

Just because he has a bunch of moves doesn’t make him complex either. And I would argue a few of those you listed.

Dante has a very basic and direct play-style, not a complex and nuanced one. He has some weird inputs, but even then his combo’s are only moderately difficult or complex. Most of it is simply doing one move after another.

I think you’re confusing what I’d call ‘simple’ with ‘straightforward’. Dante’s play is very straightforward until you start getting into the weirder crap. It’s also however complex, with a lot to know if you want to play him remotely to potential.

Nova is straightforward AND simple.

*of course we’re really just getting into weird definitions with this :stuck_out_tongue:

I already do this with thor… … A LOT… Mighty Strike mighty strike awww damn i touched you hit confirm … Death … Feel the power of Asgard. (Sips Odin’s Beer.) Oops sorry wrong thread.

Yeah, we are getting into semantics at this point…

I think that Dante is one of the easier of the moderate difficulty characters. Alot of this has to do with how dominating his basic tools are in neutral against the rest of the cast. Dante can do alot of stuff, but there’s simply no good reason too.

Nova looks like he might be a little more complex then at first glance. Mostly because of flight mode and the reflector, but I am theory-ing a bit as I don’t have the game…

Nova/Thor all the way. For Asgard! Midgard! And all the Cosmos throughout the Nine Realms!!

Nova will have easy stuff but then he will have the advanced combos using fly/unfly, shield and several of his other specials. I am hoping the lance and the gravimetric pulses is flight cancellable so lance, shield, lance, shield.

Yeah going to be a dick sometimes.

Like some other people have said it seems like specials will be some of the best ways to move around the screen with Nova. Especially if you can flight cancel his specials. Do one of his charges (forgot the name) and cancel it on block and have another chance at a mix-up

I can not wait to see max’s Nova break down… I think it will be this week seeing as he is doing PW. After playing nova in his early (lucky bastard) copy he has publicly stated that he is Putting Nova on his team. He also said his charge moves were surprisingly safe.

His normals seem nowhere near slow. a few specials maybe unsafe, but I highly doubt that even. Far from a new Super Skrull(not even close really). In terms of predictability, and mixups it’s almost completely invalid.

Killian said that at least some of his charges were “surprisingly safe”. Don’t really know what that means though.

We’ll find out on the 8th.