Blue Nocturne and Aggressive Play



I want to learn how to play with this super but to do that i need to know the parrying motion inputted to make sure i can sneak it in fast enough after a red parry.

it seems right now i’m not fast enough or i just flub up on the motion completely when doing it from a red parry

also it seems that in order to really work with this super remy has to be a real bastard towards the other opponent, are there any (serious) blue nocturne players out there with some knowledge on this super and the pressure tactics needed to pull it off?

I’m starting to think this is his best super art because of the fear it brings to the opponent that remy is fighting, plus it has a hella short bar


Well… there are 3 mind sets to have that really help this super work.

  1. Anti-Offense

  2. Beg and Reverse

  3. Parry ‘n’ Super

  4. Having an “Anti-Offense” mind set means that you’re conscious that you’re about to face a very offensive player or a character that has an offensive reputation. Thus, you use a Blue Nocturne to “calm” them down or to completely kill their tactics. Characters with such “reputations” or obvious capability for offense would be:
    Twelve (but his game is usually in the air)
    Oro (but not always)
    Alex (Due to his headstomp)
    Urien (but not always)

In the most broadly accepted premise, you would activate Blue Nocturne in the middle of their pokes.

  1. “Begging and Reversing” derives from any good player’s intent to have ESP. That is, more specifically, knowing what the enemy is most likely to do in reaction to what he (the “good” player) does. For example, A good player would create a plan by asking himself, “If I block a shotokan sweep, what do I instinctively do most of the time?” A sweep or some other long ranged low attack may come to mind. In order to “kill” this sweep/low ranged attack, Akuma players like Hsien would cancel the sweep into SGS as soon as they suspect that the enemy is going to react. In the end, the opponents sweep or dash (in most cases) eats the SGS.

In terms of Remy, he would have to do something that makes him appear open for an attack (but in a safe circumstance) but technically not open. Usually whiffed attacks ( far s. strong, far s. roundhouse, POH, c. fierce, s. CBK) serve this purpose. You would activate Blue Nocturne as soon as you recover but you would have to make certain that you are in range of their attack or else…
Usually opponents like to poke back after blocking Remy’s c. forward or after eating his POH.

In addition, as SlimX introduced it best, buffers can be very helpful against people who parry and retaliate. For example, I know a Ryu player who pokes with c. forward, pauses (waiting to parry a low attack from the opponent), low parry, c. forward–SAI.
In this scenario, Remy can poke back with c. strong while going to the motion of the super and hitting the kick button as soon as he sees Ryu parry the c. forward.

  1. Parry ‘n’ Super

This one is easy, just refer to my original Remy Thread on the 1st/2nd page. Check out the vid that SlimX provided. I’m tired.


so it’s all about the fire ball motion parry… is that fast or slow?

remy stryker what super do u use most often and could u describe your play style here? or do i have to pm u or something? cus i have no one at all to talk to get better with remy he’s like one of those characters that no one plays because of his “problems” but i find him pretty fun to play as… i’m going back to miami this summer and i wanna kick some ass at the local tourny there so i wanna learn the extra stuff i still (after almost 3 years of playing as just remy) dont know yet.

i’m a pretty moderate player when it comes to parrying i kara throw well and i develope my own hit strings that include the stored charge


The speed of the fireball motion depends on the number of frames between the hits. It just takes a lot of practice. Make certain that right after you block a hit, set the joystick to neutral, this allows a parry/red parry to occur.

Ummm…as for personal strats, it might be wiser to pm me. Not just for the sake of my ego, but for the psychological safety of the SF community. When people copy, they don’t understand the reasons the motives. That creates a dead SF community. That’s just my philosophy. This reminds me of something hateful…yeah…I hate it when people play Remy after I kill their best characters.


o ok i’ll pm u with my question then, thanx for helping


Hey what happened to the really long Remy thread? Anyway, I have two questions.

Firstly, what’s close standing fierce good for? I like it, cause it’s relatively fast. It connects after a deep parry. But I don’t think you can juggle if it knocks them in the air (unlike Necro’s). Can you link SAII after it?

Second question. What’s a good normal to link an SAII after a jump in. That is, I do a jump-in roundhouse that is not very deep- what is the optimal normal to follow-up with so that I can link SAII afterwards. I have a tendency to do ‘un-meaty’ jump-ins.

And if it’s not to much, can someone make a list of cancels and links for SAII. I’ll start it.

Supercancels into SAII
St. or cr. Short. First hit of a far st. roundhouse. LoV.

Links into SAII
Cr. Strong?


cr. strong isn’t a link its a buffer
cr. jab is a buffer i believe
st. forward is a link
st. fierce punch is a buffer
st. strong is a link
st. jab is a buffer


oh and close st. roundhouse MIGHT be a link (after 2nd hit)


close s.HK links into SAII, according to Mopreme’s link video…

Someone check if you can cancel off the first hit of s.HK into SA or RRF (EX or otherwise)?


u can cancel it, i wish more stuff linked into the 1st super… that would be beastly


Definitions time! What do you mean by a buffer? Is a buffer the same thing as a cancel? That is, if a move is bufferable, you can cancel it into another move before it’s animation is complete? Pardon me if any of my definitions are off- correct me if I’m wrong.

A Link- A set of two attacks that can be comboed together because the length of attack stun time created by the first animation is long enough so that the first attack may complete it’s animation and the second attack can connect. Example, crouching jab x 3.

A Chain- A set of two or more NORMAL attacks that can be comboed together because the ending animation of the previous attack is interrupted by the starting animation of the next attack in the chain. Example, close standing forward into standing roundhouse.

A Cancel- A NORMAL attack whose animation can be interrupted by a special attack or super art. Example, crouching short into RRF.

A Supercancel- A SPECIAL attack whose animation can be interrupted by a super art. Example, LoV into any super art.

Bufferable- Any move or attack which has the capacity to have it’s animation interrupted by another attack.

EVERDRED you listed a lot of links and buffers, but what do they link and buffer into?


and u know this… man…


thats alot of stuff to list…
just know that MP standing is a link or buffer into SA1 and SA2
it’s only a buffer tho when its a cr. MP

close st. HP is a buffer into the flash kick a sonic boom and SA 1 and 2

cr. LP is a buffer into everything but a sonic boom since the hit stun isnt long enough

cr. LK is the same as cr. LP it just can’t link into itself tho

i swear it’s a link tho sometimes because of the range… i mean u get it off and then just do the super afterwards and your like already caught up to them even if the cr. LK was hella far away(SA2 for sure but SA1 maybe)

st. MK is a link and a buffer into SA2 for sure but u gotta be closer for SA1 to link
its a good buffer into SA1 tho since your really close if u decide to cancel it

hey i know this is off topic but u know how u’l have the game on and running and u’ll see all the computer demo fights? some of them u see over and over again BUT i saw one that was extremely rare and pretty wierd if u ask me… i saw a ken vs twelve fight demo, twelve had xcopy and used it… he didnt turn into ken tho he turned into ryu, isnt that wierd?

back to the blue nocturne, if u cancel it from a low boom and the low boom hits a opponent while they hit your blue nocturne will ALL the hits connect? is there super damage reduction?

i started smacking ppl around with remy like chun li finally (thank u Remy Stryker!!!), its funny because u see all the random so so kens that know all the tricks but when u start shutting down there advancement game u see who’s the novice from the true warrior… lol

they’ll start waiting and turtling because god’s fist will rain down from the heavens and smite any nonsense they start to pull… i’m abusing HP like i’m a chun li player… when they start sitting on there ass u just cant believe how easy it is to dash and throw them randomly after that (of course its not just HP its also that great far MK and st. LK)

by far remy’s best 3 normals is my opinion are…

  1. st. LK… crazy range, fast, and it stuffs things and clears the way for a st. HP, cr. HK, or whatever big counter hit u like

  2. st. HP… just think chun li but more damage (most of the time they r crouching for this)

  3. its a toss up between st. close HP… it DESTROYS cross overs competely, fast, SOOOOOOO much vertical range!!! it’s like a shoryuken started from the middle of the screen to the top without leaving the ground!!!

  4. and… st. MK far it does the same thing far HP does but more reach and at a different speed.


I don’t trust far st. HP. It seems too slow, though it does have appreciable range. I should get in the habit of using close st. HP. Only thing I’m worried about is trading hits with the cross-over attempts.

And yeah, my favorite moves in all of SF are Remy’s st. short and far st. forward kick. The short kills a lot of stuff and the forward kick just stops them from running to you.

I love the st. short! I cannot say that enough. It’s also damn stylish.


For the really long Remy thread, ask the bastards who run the site, I think they just deleted it without any advanced warning of any sort.

What’s s. fierce good for?
-anti-air (kills twelve air game for example)
-various damaging combos
-rarely used for crouching opponents (check my thread on “After the parry” for details)

Can Remy juggle after s. fierce? Only if he cancels it into SAII

Can you Link s. fierce into SAII? Absolutely

What’s a good normal link into SAII? I highly recommend using s. forward or doing his link s. strong, c. strong on all crouching opponents except Ibuki, yun, Yang, Chunster, Elena, and Oro except after certain conditions which I will cover in the “After the Parry” thread.

Links for SAII

Links in general…well even though it’s not really known amongst the common player, there are two forms of links: ones with a little delay and ones with a huge delay before executing the super art.

c. jab and c. short don’t have to be immediately canceled into SAII or RRF they can be delayed by 2 frames before executing the next attack

c. strong has a little more delay than c. jab/c. short

as for s. jab/s. short, I don’t know…

close s. roundhouse has a a couple of frames for delay more than c. strong.

close s. forward, s. fierce, and s. strong have the greatest capability for delaying.

distant UOH, c. strong/c. jab/c. short

close early anti wake up, UOH, s. strong, c.strong/s. forward, c. short on crouching opponents, close and Early Anti-wake up UOH, s. fierce on standing opponents.

s./f. CBK can be used for a link but in either of two strict conditions:

  1. used at a distance from a c. opponent (this way he hit’s as low as possible, thus, recovers faster)

  2. Used when the opponent is waking up and doesn’t parry/block,
    if it hit’s late enough, you can get an RRF afterwards…maybe even a s. fierce if it’s timed well.

Cancels into SAII: Any of Remy’s close sttanding attacks can be canceled into SAII. c. jab, c. short, and c. strong are the only c/ attacks possible for canceling. Any of his deep air attacks can be in some strange sense, canceled into SAII. Normal/EX LoV, 1st hit of EX RRF, and in some of the last remainin frame of his neutral throw can be canceled into SAII. The same thing for these normals and specials can be applied to his other supers.