Blue prints and dimensions of existing joysticks

I’m planning on making a custom joystick based on an already existing joystick like the vlx premium. I was wondering if there was any information I could find on the actual shapes and sizes of these. I will be using solid works to make my design, but I will need some sort of blue print or 3d template to make this work. If there are any cad files that exist that would be great. If not I will be glad with whatever information that can be provided to my project.

The Hori Real Arcade Pro VLX is loosely based on the Vewlix Arcade Cab
There are people who copied off the Vewlix style for both the whole arcade cab as well as arcade sticks coping the control panel.

Many of those projects are on this forum

Search for Vewlix instead of the VLX and I am sure you get more results

Thanks man! I’ll try looking it up.

I found this link to a sketch up file for the vewlix premium. Can someone check if these dimensions are correct on the file? I’m not very sure how to use sketchup and I don’t know the original size of the vewlix premium stick.