Blue Skeleton Buttons help!

Im trying to find out if anyone has any Blue snap in skeleton buttons left or hell if no one has em at all can some one atleast point me in the right direction on how to mod PS-14-KNs to find in a HRAP 2:SA. I dont want to break the washer nor do i want to have it so thin that it wont lock in the button in place help me out. Ive done searching and i cant find any good information

the PS-14-K are discontinued as far as i know, about the -K-N you have to sand somewhere near the X button because the stick is too close to the button, i haven’t done it but thats what i have read, i wanted to do the same, but went the easy way and didn’t change but the balltop.

Yeah, I had the same problem. I think the only real way to do it is to sand down the washer to make it fit under the mounting plate, or to take a pair of pliers and bend back the part of the mounting plate that’s in the way. If you choose the latter, you won’t be able to use a stick with an S-shaped mounting plate though, such as the Seimitsu LS-32-01 or -02.

What I did was just put in the button without the washer. It’s a really ghetto solution, but I haven’t had any problems with the button popping out a couple of millimeters. Honestly, when I play, I can’t even feel it.

Sand the washer down a bit, its very easy. DO NOT BEND the mounting plate, you’ll ruin the stick over a stupid button. The attraction of an HRAP is its ease of moddibility. (WOW, I made up a word!)

I have an hrap3, which I’m pretty sure the button layout is the same as the HRAP2:SA, and I had no trouble getting blue KNs in my stick, I didn’t have to sand any washers down either. I just held the washer up to the plate and then screwed the button into the washer and plate, twisting gently by the microswitch until it was getting snug. Then, I used pliers to tighten the washer.

I posted this pic back in the HRAP thread, but here it is again if you want to see:

I can take pics of the inside if you really need, just let me know.

can you put sanwa activtors in the seimitsu K-N

Hmm i never thought about putting the washer to the hole then screwing in the button. I dont have them ordered just yet but that seems like its worth a try. I really want these to work because im doing a mod soon. Thanks for the help guys more advice would be just great as well. Thanks alot everyone!

and YES TAKE PICS OF THE INSIDE i must know how it looks

I think Slagcoin’s site has info on which microswitches can be swapped, but I don’t think you can swap Sanwas and Seimitsus. The orientation of the microswitch’s plunger notches are different IIRC. :frowning:

Oh, and some food for thought, I also think this washer issue came up as a result of Sanwa screw-ins, as Sanwa washers are a bit fatter. I think thats where the suggestion came up to sand down the washer or use a Seimitsu one.

I’ll post pics when I get home from work tonight of the inside of mine.

For screw-in buttons you only have to sand a little bit off the washer/nut, fit that first and screw in the button. I took some shots before and posted them in the HRAP2 thread. Here’s the link

if you find any ps-14-k in blue I will give you my right testicle for them. No you can not pit the sanwa switch into the ps-14-k-n. The switches in the k-n’s is way bigger and it doesent fit in so many different ways. Believe me I have them and I tried.

guess i’ll stick with sanwas then, no light mod for now :sad:

That Looks pretty good man :slight_smile: I love the white n silver trim

THANK YOU SO MUCH take them aspaspapspaspaasaply

Ah, I see, the HRAP2 mounting plate is different than the HRAP3. That plate is oriented horizontally, whereas the HRAP3 is vertically oriented, if that makes any sense.

No wonder my buttons went in so smoothly, I feel like a doofus now. :wow:

Sorry Esjihn, sanding appears to be your solution.

lies all lies :frowning: lol i dont have a dremel so which coarseness level ( dont know the right word) of a sheet of sand paper should i pick

Actually, I think I overdid it. You can use an X-Acto or any other knife to remove some of the plastic. Probably faster than sand paper or dremel.

Sounds good. Also i need to know if anyone has done an LED mod with PS-14-KNs i need to know the best way to get an LED in there becausei heard its not as easy to do as the snap ins…

There is a guy on that modified the old style stick with PS-14-GN 24mm buttons with LEDs in them. He used the same buttons I used. I’m not sure how he did it though. So if it’s doable on GN 24mm, I’m sure the KN 30mm would have no problems, but I don’t know how it’s done either. I would love to modify my HRAP2 with leds like that someday.

Here’s the link:

Hmm interesting i might have to try and look him up. The leds im using should me more than enough to shin through thoseing things (14000 mcd/100ohms) unless he changed out the plunger who knows ill check it out. I also have TRNG looking into getting me some PS14-k or KNs in blue for my mod should be badass.