Blueprint for full Madcatz TE plexi


I’m building my own case out of aluminum and need help finding a blueprint with all of the dimensions. Not just button layout which I have found off slag coin, but all of the dimensions including bolt location and so on.




Are you asking for a blueprint of the plexiglass or a blueprint of the entire arcadestick

If just the plexi top go to The NEW Official Arcade Stick Art Thread NO IMAGE QUOTING! and pick the appropriate template.


I need the dimensions of that template. Is there a way to turn on the dimensions in Photoshop? I need detailed dimensions giving you the x and y locations of the center of each button.


You could use a grid. Or turn on ruler. The other option would be to just measure a physical one…


Measuring the physical one is not going to be precise enough. I’m trying to hit the dimensions within a tolerance of .005. Grid and ruler are things within Photoshop?


You don’t need Aerospace tolerances for a stick case.


Get this man some blueprints, stat!!


Damn I would have thought it would have been easier to get this info.


Even if there are no real rulers in the the Photoshop template, just find the center of each hole, get the (X,Y) coordinate, and you know the resolution is 300dpi. You can do the math manually afterwards.


In aerospace tolerances are often ±.0005. Measuring with a tape measure will make your dimensions off by 1-2/32nds.


Why do you need that tight of tolerances?

And why can’t you use digital calipers?


I only have 6in calipers. I want the tight tolerances because I want my stick to be perfect.


I’ m still recommending my solution of finding the (X,Y) coordinate for everything you need from the Photoshop template, and doing the math for 300 pixels-per-inch.
If you’re off by 1 pixel in your measuring, you’re only off by 0.0033". Even if you’re off by 2 pixels, it’s only 0.0066" off, which is not far off from the 0.005".

Honestly, you’re never going to notice if a button hole or whatever is off by 0.5mm (0.02"). I think you’re going overboard on this.


Thanks for the info. This seems like my best option given there are no real blueprints


Well I guess the short answer to the thread is, there are no blueprints as it’s a MadCatz propriety design. What everyone suggested here really is your only/best options. :confused:


if anything Aerospace tolerances might be too tight of a fit.


K I’ll make a solid works print when I measure it on Monday.