Bluetooth Headset Fight! PS3 2.0 vs Others


Anyone have a opinion on the PS3 2.0 headset vs other brand name headsets like jawbone, motorola, samsung, etc?

I have a older motorola h700 that has noise canceling and I really like it, problem is that the battery is getting old since the headset was in my buddy’s car for 2-3 years untouched in the hot summers and cold winters. It lasts for about an hour and dies.

More modern headsets I’ve found get 3-5+ hours of talk time per charge.

Any reccomendations? I really like the fact that the PS3 headset shows battery life and has good noise canceling. For $40 on amazon, it’s looking to be a good deal, but I wanna see all my options and get some reviews from you guys. For all I know, there might be a $40 headset nicer…