Bluetooth Versus Wi-Fi

Hello Everyone,

This might sound lame but can someone tell me what works more on the iOS version of Street Fighter IV Volt - Bluetooth or Wi-Fi multiplayer matches?

Obviously Wi-Fi might be more successful being an online multiplayer but if it were to be a choice between Wi-Fi & Bluetooth for a local match which would be the 1st preference and why?

Some say that Bluetooth is an outdated and an old technology, is that true?

I would appreciate if someone can give me a rational behind this and would love to have any data to back-up that rational.


Probably wifi, althogh range isn’t important when someone is right next to you.
“Wi-Fi uses the same radio frequencies as Bluetooth, but with higher power, resulting in higher bit rates and better range from the base station.” - from Wikipedia

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It’s not fair to compare Bluetooth and WiFi side by side as they normally have different applications that just happen to overlap.

Security I don’t think would matter for this but WiFi generally has better options for security.
Bandwidth for gaming should be more than enough even with Bluetooth v1 (~700Kbps asymmetrical). Any iOS device I would think has Bluetooth v2 and above (3Mbps?).
Latency was often an issue for Bluetooth devices but that seems to have been smoothed out (?) as the newer versions have come out. For a game like SF which is sensitive to latency though, WiFi might be better.
Power consumption for handhelds is always an issue and Bluetooth uses less power than WiFi so that’s a big plus. Although if you’re playing plugged in then this won’t matter either.
Range might matter as Bluetooth usually has a much shorter range.