Blur is crack. Split/Second is cheap

Lol that ad sold it for me.

Just bought it, £39.99!!! Normally I don’t usually fork out that much money for games, but having played the beta I know what I’m buying. Gamestation didn’t even have it in stock, so I had to buy at Tesco.

S/S is £34.99, that might be enough to sway some people.

i’m loving BLUR so far. you gotta use strategy on how you take the lead or you’ll be the guy in front getting shot at by everybody. i grab and drop powerups i dont want people behind me to have and i always try to keep a shunt on me to block one from somebody else when im in the lead

i play that game in the dark with the speakers on high.

whats the verdict on split second? you guys like it?

I was just on Blur and there was around 2K people onthe serves, but this was during lunch time, so it’s not exactly peak gaming hours.

I’ve been hording Barges when I have the lead, they stop all incoming shunts forward mines,and any cars foolish enough to try to pass me.

yeah forward mine is prob my favorite attack, its such a good game, why does pc version have to be 20 bucks less
but I really would rather get it on console

Okay, Split Second gets ridiculous with its rubberbanding. It wasn’t noticeable to me early on, but it certainly is now.

Big minus points there game. Having difficulty with episode 7 Elite Race cause of this.

bought blur, loving it so far. Like most other people, I considered split second, but blur seems to have better online and more replay value.

I went on a nice little streak in blur in a 10 player room. got 1st or either 2nd or 3rd- nothing less in 5-6 games straight, whoever thinks that this game is entirely based on luck is clueless and skillless.

No truthfully, I’m only level 6, just got the game last night, and am in the driving school lobby for newer players, so maybe once I get into the levels and lobbies where people don’t fuck around, I’ll get my ass shunted into tomorrow,

Just got Blur last night. Starting positions do make some sort of difference if you’re in a room with somewhat intelligent people. Time to shield/nitro whore when I am in the lead.

I’m just glad thar the first shall be last and the last shall be first. It helps. If they can crack the packed up start and dominating leader problem in Blur 2 we’ll have nirvana.

That San Francisco hills stage is nuts. Those are some serious oh shit drops. Like every track in this game is so damn good. The mix of off road and water and pavement is great. And it’s funny how a reversed track makes a world of a difference.

And props to the car selection. A supped up HHR is kinda unexpected but I loled when my day dream of a Ford Transit as a racer was already true. Like WTF lol? I love it. Can’t wait to see the DLC. They need to go to a winter filled Midwest city like Chicago.

I haven’t playe a good none sim racing game in a while. I’ve been needing something to play since midnight club has dried up. I definitely want to try one of these out. I liked the first two Burnout games when they were about racing. Once it turned into a demolition derby thing, I left it alone.

Skipped motor school went straight into Skirmish, first game I came 6th out 10 but the following games I came 1st with opponents ranging from rank 5 to 15, but that was probably because we got to play on the beta maps lol :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m also loving the variety in the maps aswell, I’m going to be quite happy playing this until September

blur is absolute crack. Most fun I’ve had with a racing game in years.

I spent waaaay too much time playing the past two days. I need to pop my other addiction into the dvd drive. Cause yeah, once the daily challenges were rolled out on me I’m like “Well damn, I’ll never stop now.”

My favorite stage to race on.

I love when I start in the back and we hit a sharp turn. Everyone in front of me rapes each other into the wall and I brake to take the turn correctly and end up in 1st. Then all I have to worry about are EMPs and random shunts.

Japan stage turn one, I always like having a car on the outside to run into so i dont have to slow down

Blur is not on my radar. in their commercial they ragged in Mario Kart. That ain’t cool

THey really nailed it this gen with Pure. Disney games are back to being awesome.

I need blur friends on xbox live, gamertag is I strive I

Maybe that’s a low blow, but if you loved Mario Kart you’ll probably get a lot of enjoyment out of Blur. So I wouldn’t sweat it too much, marketing is what it is.

San Fran stage can be silly fun, but that’s one of the places where things actually do get random. Get nudged a little bit before going off a hill, and there’s a good chance you’ll wind up spinning in circles and getting reset or worse. Worse would be getting spun around, shunted up against the side of the parking garage at the bottom of the hill, floating in mid air for 5+ seconds against the invisible wall, and landing facing forwards so the game doesn’t reset your car and having to accelerate from a dead stop. Went from 3rd to 20th place immediately. Also, getting shunted into the roof of any tunnel/underpass is just the fucking worst, you’re almost guaranteed to get put at the back of the pack.

And yet, you never really STAY mad at a game like this. It’s too much fun, you always forgive it when shit like that happens to you. Been placing much higher since I started ignoring all offensive powerups at the beginning of races where I had a chance to stock a shield, and giving up some of the more fun powerups of the 2nd slot for shielding efficiency. I’d rather have Bribe start me off with a shield than a shock, it’s THAT important.