Blur is crack. Split/Second is cheap

Blur got on my radar evem more after they ragged on Mario Kart.

PS: What’s everybody’s Mod picks, we need to get some strategy up in this thread.

At the moment, I’m using the mod that makes my frame stronger so i take less damage from rams and crashes, I have the mod that increases my shield lenght and the EMP scrambler to avoid shunts easier.

Use fan mods til max level

then use man mods

oh wait max level isnt 15 anymore maybe dont do what I just said

I go all out aggressive, I usually end up in the upper half of the finish listings. At the moment most of my losses are coming from picking the wrong car for the course, I fair much better on street circuits than off road/mixed.

One thing I really dislike is being a level 15 and playing people that are 40+ that are driving awesome cars that just leave the rest of the lower ranks for dust. Games need to be split into ranks like 1 -10 ,11 - 25, 26 - 40 etc something similar to Halo 3’s match making (but perhaps the community isn’t large enoug …yet).

Yeah, I got put into a room of 30s-40s and I am level 17.

I also get the occasional random room where its 9 friends telling each other not to shoot each other and to kill me instead. =\ wtf

Ok, I just got done with a pretty long session playing Split/Second.

The game is not anywhere as bad as people are making it out to be. It’s definately a fun game, and thus far, I don’t regret getting it.
There’s room for improvement tho. The AI cheats (almost as bad as the yellow car in R.C. Pro-AM), and the rubber band effect is beyond blatant. The AI racers aren’t concerned with winning as much as they are making you lose. Not only that, you will never keep 1st place for long. Inevitably, a pack of 3-4 racers will overtake you with ease, and if you don’t have any power plays stocked up, you’re screwed. I also wish you could bump cars into obstacles, Burnout-style. The career mode is lots of fun, but I’m not too sure how much replay value it’ll have once you beat it.

Despite my gripes, I’m having a blast with this game. The graphics are slick and vibrant, there’s a great sense of speed, and some of the shit you can do to the tracks will blow your mind and are real impressive. The controls are great for an arcade-style game, the drifting mechanics work well, especially if you’ve ever played a Ridge Racer game before.

As far as I’m concerned, Disney has done it again. It’s too early to tell, but I think I might like Pure a bit more, but this game is tons of fun. Don’t let the haters dissuade you.

As for Blur, I never got a chance to play the Beta, and I’m a bit apprehensive about it because I despise Mario Kart, and any racers like it. The gameplay just feels “cheap” to me. Is Blur really any better? I wish there was an actual demo so I could check it out.

played blur and really enjoyed it. The more you play it the more you feel that they should’ve added a few more power ups but maybe blur 2. Soundtrack was pretty good which is really what makes or breaks a racer type for me.

In blur, there is no magical unavoidable blue shell. everything can be avoided. sure it’s alot harder to dodge 5 things flying at you than just one, but doesn’t mean it’s cheap. not only can you dodge eveything, even so-called homing missles (shunts), you can counter them with other power-ups as well. Plus you can hold up to 3 power-ups at a time, and you can pick and choose which ones you get, since they aren’t random like Mario kart.

Here’s a quick run-down on all the power-ups and their many uses, becuase it’s way too late for me to keep playing Blur and way too early for bed.

Shunt- these are your basic fire and forget homing missles. it can be fired forward or backwards and will automatically seek out the next car in the pack. (you’re in 5th place, it’ll either seek the 4th or the 6th spot, respectively) While they do home, you can still avoid them with a sharp swerve the momemnt before they hit, or you can destroy them with almost any other power-up while it’s flying toward you.

Bolts- Each bolt power-up gives you three projectiles, they do not home and do not do much damage unless you sink all three hits at once. they are very useful for destroying incoming Shunts, and mines.

Mines- your basic drop behind you and hope someone runs into it weapon, but these can also be tossed forward like some sort of mid-range non-homing shunt- it’s even better if you time the forward mine so the cars ahead run into it. This can also be used to destroy a shunt

Barge- this creates a close-ranged force field which blast all cars away from you, great for clearing the pack, ramming cars into walls, or off of cliff’s, and of course destroying incoming power-ups, like shunts and mines.

EMP- Makes a lightning field ahead of the first place car. It makes three lightning bolts on the track and any car passing through them will slow down and take damage. but with proper driving, you can easily avoid all 3… unless someone barges you into one.

Shield- this creates a shield around your car stopping any and all power-ups from affecting you at all, or you taking any damage at all. Scrubs love to turn this on and run smack into a turn becuase they don’t know how to drift

nitro- you go fast…you can fire a nitro backwards, which stops you dead in your tracks, but allows you to rotate your car in any direction you wish, after the breif pause is over, your car will shoot out very fast, so it’s perfect for brezzing through harpin turns.

Repair- you car can get hurt, and repair makes your car not hurt anymore, pretty simple.

and there you go, as you can see all the power-ups are very well balanced. there is no single must use power-up for all situations, and with proper driving and item management you should always have a answer to anything someone throws at you.

I like to always keep a Barge or an bolt on me at all times. one bolt can stop 3 shunts and or mines, and a barge is very useful offensively and defensively too. I never hold on to shunts very long, the second I get one, I usually fire it off, at the very least, it forces the target to react to it somehow. So I generally have 2 open slots for nitro’s, shields, and mines.

sorry for my noobish-ness but what does everyone mean by “rubberbanding”?

Epic 5 hour session last night, most fun I’ve had in a game with a bunch of random people.

The ability opponents have to catch up with you when you get to far infront.

LMAO same here, this guy kept complaining that everyone kept ramming him at the begining at the race, then he started leaving power ups for people and calling it over the mic. :rofl:

I unlocked a new mode that removes all the power ups, anyone tried it?

ahhh gotcha, S/S is all about that as you get energy when you’re tailing someone. Its a fun game but its already getting quite repetitive.

Blur is sort of weird, its like Mario kart but for some reason i didnt really enjoy it :confused:

ModNation looks great, I plan on picking it up soon.

Are you playing in single or multiplayer, I have yet to try single. infact most games I never actually play single/campaign mode :xeye:

in general stuff in S/S gets repetitive after a while coz you’ll know where every Action can be done and how to avoid it, and honestly it isnt something on you can rely on coz you cant activate it at will and you cant use them if you’re in the lead >_>"

Havent played Blur that much so i’ll hold my judgment on it for now.

Just to clarify, while that is certainly true, that’s not what’s meant by rubberbanding. It’s more along the lines of “If you’re too far ahead, people will magically catch up to you” and “If you’re too far behind, you will magically catch up with people.” Like a stretched rubberband.

That said, i still enjoy Split Second more. Just not really against the CPU.

Wow, thanks for the info man, much appreciated.

I watched/read a bunch of reviews on it, and I’m still on the fence, tho it doesn’t seem as bad as I originally thought. The multiplayer in it does seem appealing. I just want to play it before I commit to buying it. Thanks again for the info.

How is the PS3 ver. of Split/Second?

would you say split is hard as gt4 godl license or first place in the driving missions?

I never played GT4, but I can tell you there are some events that I had to race 6-7 times in order to come in first. That seems to be the rule, and not the exception. There were a few here and there that I was able to get 1st place on the 1st try, but they’re rare. No doubt about it, the single player is challenging, sometimes feels cheap with the AI, but I always feel like if I try a little bit more, I can snag first place, and thus far, that’s always been the case.

im GOOD in racers, and if it only takes you 6 or 7 turns its pretty easy i guess. i got no idea how good you are, but id sudgest you try those driving missions or getting gold on those licenses in gt4. it pimps up your skills and makes other racers shit easy.

I don’t see many people HATING split second, but I still think Blur’s MP will hold your interest longer. As was posted earlier, the power plays and track hazards are in the same place every time, they’re static. The only choice you have is to use your meter or save it. Blur, you can use power ups in more diverse ways. That alone adds to the strategy.

yeh thats a good point, if S/S could move all the track hazards to random locations on the track it would make it much more appealing.