Blur technique

This ones for you deo! Thought I would share it also if anyone is interested. Using Chipps hair for example.

Um basically flatten your layer when you are through with your pic using the arrow on the side and go down to flatten image.

so you have your pic flattened and it’s going to be turned into a bg layer.

double click on the bg layer to get rid of the lock on there. This should pop up.

drag the bg 0 layer into the create new layer icon or you can just duplicate the image.

lasso the section you want to blur and go to filter blur and hwatever blur tech you are going to use. Make sure you are blurring the top image layer.

since you got a duplicate layer you can erase out on the top image so the LINE effect doesn’t show up. Make sure the opacity on eraser is about 10 percent.That’s about wraps it up. If you have an easier way to blur let me know haha.

Now to put it to the test…

ollllldd. but nice!
Alternatively though, you can draw your selection, then do a layer via copy. SFMC damn you got the ultimate package man. From 3 comics to 42!

Ohhh, was this the technique you used for the Shinobi comic?

bump-worthy :wink:

Excellent work on that pic! Love the ink work. (*’.’)b