BnB Combo doesn't work on Juri?



Hello everyone,

I was playing around in Training mode tonight and randomly chose Juri as my training dummy.

During my regular practice routine, I noticed that Chun’s hazanshu,, EX Legs combo doesn’t seem to be working… in particular, the hazanshu link into won’t link.

I’ve got that combo down pretty consistent, so I don’t understand if it’s me, or if it’s Juri. Am I crazy or what? I have no problems doing this combo against any other character…


Yeah the hazanshu link doesn’t work on Juri, atleast not if you hit her standing.


Good to know. So… now I just bait that stupid mashed EX pinwheel whenever I hit hasanshu instead.

I’m assuming HSU, cr. LP, st. FP still works?

Edit: Yeah that still works.

Something to add to the discussion though: the jab to fierce punch link doesn’t work on certain opponents while they’re crouching, like Viper for instance.
So like, even if you hit an HSU on Viper as an overhead, you can’t complete a cr./st. jab, st. FP link afterwards. You’ll get the jab… but she can block/mash through the fierce punch. That is kinda whack. I’ll look more into these quirks vs. other characters when I get back from class tonight. I might actually have it written down already in my notes somewhere and forgot to post it.


I think it depends on your distance.

If you’re close enough the still hits, but most of the time after landing Hazanshu, you get pushed too far away unless you land Hazanshu really deep.


That is so weird… I mean, isn’t the frame data the same for your attacks no matter who you’re up against? Or is it some strange hitbox property that’s the cause of this?

Note to self: start adding hazanshu, cr.lp, st.fp into my regular move set…

Question: Is this combo (haz.,cr.lp,st.fp) just something you use in place of haz.,,EX Legs for when you don’t have meter?

Just so I understand its application.


A characters standing hitbox =/= the same as that characters crouching hitbox.
Diff shapes, diff results.
Similar to the Chun infinite that only works against crouching Chun li, it’s because her crouch recovery hitbox is diff shape to her standing recovery.


It’s a meterless bnb and meterless bnbs are essential (except in those rare situations where they don’t actually combo :rofl:).

Just the fact that you don’t necessarily have to burn meter for EX Legs whenever you get the chance to link into it and opting to build meter for super instead is practical application for them. It can really help in the long run and leave your opponent scared of how many more options you have available with a full bar.


Update to this
Here’s the list of characters that the jab -> fierce link does NOT work on while they’re crouching:
Chun Li (Yes that’s right. Even Chun Li trolls herself)

…so in the situation where you’re going for a BnB that involves jab to fierce on these characters while crouching, if they have the tendency to mash invincible moves while they’re getting hit, YOU WILL LOSE THAT EXCHANGE. That’s why I think it’s whack.

**Also a brief list of characters that st. fierce whiffs over completely while they’re crouching:**Guile
Chun Li
Gen (mantis)
Juri (It’ll whiff even if she’s blocking… that bitch)

…there’s other quirks like on some of these characters, you can still combo MK Legs into st. Fierce on them while they’re crouching, but I haven’t fully tested that on every character yet. I know it doesn’t work on Adon so far…

Also interesting is that on a crouching Chun Li, you can link HSU into cr. lk but you can’t link HSU into cr. lp. Stupid hitboxes. (I also haven’t tested this on every character yet).


Yeah I tend to just link or walk up for throw mixups if they’re crouching and I land jabs and don’t wanna spend moneys on ex legs. Optional fierce (or ex) fireball depending on range and other things. Sometimes I do it into ex fireball fadc sweep if I’m desperate for a knockdown or some momentum shift.