BnB Combo help



when i play with Ryu i can c.LP, c.LP, c.LP, DP all day but when i do sagat’s c.LK, c.LK, c.MK, TU it never works. i been practicing it at the arcades and console. i have a TE stick i just cant figure out why its not comboing correctly -_-. my friend says he has a 4 frame c.LK and ryu has a c.LP any tips


Try a different combo.


I’m pretty certain the link you speak of is not possible. when it hits gives you a 6 frame advantage, but has a 7 frame start up so you’re off by 1 frame for this link to work. But then again, i’m not 100% on how to interpret frame data, so I could be wrong, although, I’m pretty sure the link is not possible even if my explanation is not correct. I’ve never once seen any high level player attempt this link ever. Usually, its, - TK. I think, c.lp - TU works too.


ok. i even tried doing,, - TU…i can only get 2 to link


you cannot combo a light attack into c.medium kick, but you can combo to


the most common bnb combo strings for sagat depending on block string or hit confirm are lk lk lp TU, TK, TS – go with TK or TS on block and TU on hit confirm. Plinking certainly helps here, although I’m sure you already know that. Start with lk lk lp TS going from down back to down forward and then when you got that try out starting from down forward to down and back to down forward for TK and TU. So (hold df) lk lk (down) lp (back to df) lk (for TK). also note that when doing this combo ending with TU that lp TU will not hit since the initial 3 hits will move you too far away so use hp TU.

hope this helps to some degree