BnB combos

What are some of vega’s basic combos?

Some simple ones I like to do are C.MK, ST; C.MK, LP RCF, Cosmic heel, H ST, and J.HP, C.HP.

I’m not exactly a Vega expert, but I find these okay.

cr. LP x2-4 -->cr. MP–> EX FBA (if you link 4 jabs and went on with the rest of the combo, the EX FBA may not combo on smaller characters, it’ll hit but the hitstun on cr. MP is not enough)

j. FP–>cr. LP–>cr. MP–>light RCF

j. Fp–>cr. LK–>cr. LP–>cr. MP–>light RCF (quite specific with spacing try on Rufus, he eats it as long as you land on cl. FP range)

j. FP–>cr. MK–>cr. MP–>EX FBA

j. FP–>cl. FP–>dwn MP–>EX FBA A must know combo Unlike Vanilla, he can do it on all characters.

cr. LK–>ST–>EX ST (great for people walking up to you from a far range to try a tick throw)

Focus crumble–>CH–>EX FBA must know

just one little note added to kei-kuns list… i like to do cl.FP–>cr.MP–> EX FBA after a focus crumple to maximize damage.

this thread has everything u need to know about Vega’s combo’s:

Cool, thanks guys.

What does DWN mean that 4th combo?


Wouldnt that be cr.?

That’s what I thought… but these are BnB combos, Cl.fierce cr.strong exFBA is a BnB. Maybe he just messed up when whipping up the post. You need it to be crouching so you have a charge for FBA. Unless maybe, you press forward + mp to get a standing strong, which is contradictory to “DWN”, and press up + KK. But eh… That’s alot of work. Pretty sure he meant crouching strong/medium punch/whatever.

Cool thanks.

Lol focus crumble

mmmmmmmmmmmm my favourite