Bnb that doesn't work on Cammy



It seems that I can’t connect c.lp/lk, s.lp, heavy dive kick on a crouching Cammy. will always get blocked, so I’ve found that I have to use c.lp/lk, s.lp,, m launch punch instead, which is a shame. Yet another reason to fuel my frustration with Cammy. Why can’t connect? Is there any other characters where this happens as well?
And yes, I’m new to Yun.


Doesn’t work on Yang and a few others as well (can’t recall of the top of my head and haven’t made a list yet.) Has to do with them recoiling too far on hit.

I use
cr.LK/cr.LP ~ cst.LP, fst.LP (must link, chaining will cause them to whiff sometimes), fst.MP xx MK/HK Dragon Kicks
on these characters. The damage is less, but…oh well, I guess.

cr.MP, cr.MP, fst.MP still works fine though.


Yes, those work fine. It’s just that the combo mentioned in the op is my standard for option selecting on my opponents wake up.

Do you usually OS the c.lp/ c.lp/ s.lp mk dragon kick combo? Or every time there is a lp/lk to s.lp in general?


Kind of confused as to what you’re asking - I only meant you had to chain the cst.LP, fst.LP part. You can still chain cr.LP/cr.LK into cst.LP without problems (so you can still OS on KD.) That’s why I put ~ (fast as possible) and then , (link)

Is that what you mean?

I guess you can OS the recovery frames between cst.LP and fst.LP but I don’t (or rather, can’t reliably.) I do usually OS after the first cr.LK/cr.LP if that’s what you’re asking.

Also another note that’s somewhat related is that cst.MP counter hit set ups usually suffer the same problem on said characters (CH ends up pushing the opponent too far to connect with…well, anything I’d like to put in a CH set up…)


Ok, I think I understand. The first two attacks in that particular combo should be done as fast as possible. This will allow for OS’ing on wakeup among other things(?).

My question was on a somewhat unrelated - more general - note, so pardon for a lack of clarity. The question was simply this; If the attacks c.lp/ and s.lp is done in succession at any point in any combo or block string, do you option select it with dragon punch (perhaps out of habit), or is this reserved mainly for when you think your opponent is going to back dash (ie. on wakeup)? Put simply, is there at any time a reason (other than it not really being necessary (i.e in a combo)) not to OS it? I find myself trying to OS it every time, if nothing else than for the purpose of getting really comfortable with OS’ing, or making it a habit if you will. I don’t want to be in a situation where I don’t catch my opponents back dash because I happened not to OS. However, if there is a downside to this, I’d like to know before it gets too ingrained in muscle memory.

Being fresh with a character I think it’s the perfect time to make sure I don’t develop any bad habits. With sagat, for instance, whom I’ve played exclusively since vanilla, I notice that my game is fairly immutable in terms of bnb´s and overall play style and hence much harder to change than with a new character. Therefore, I’d like my foundation to be as optimal as possible so I don’t have to spend too much time backtracking and working out bad habits later.


I don’t OS Lunge Punch after the initial chain because they’re stuck in block stun unless I let them out intentionally (in which case, I might OS something.) Outside of wake up and that initial chain, it really depends on the character…you can really develop all kinds of OSes in this game, to catch other players bad habits. That’s a pretty broad question that doesn’t just apply to Yun. In general though, I think it’s a good idea to be able to OS off of whatever you can. Like establishing the fact that you have that option available will shut down the other opponent’s options. ie Being able to OS Lunge Punch off the recovery frames of cr.MP when linking into fst.MP will stop people from back dashing out after blocking cr.LK ~ cst.LP ~ fst.LP.

You shouldn’t OS every time for a couple of reasons -

  1. Most OS will lose to something if your opponent knows what you’re going for.
  2. Most OS don’t catch every option, although they do catch multiple options. So you have to use different OS to make your opponent respect your pressure.
  3. Sometimes going for an OS will deprive you of a better option.

I’m not that great at the game, so don’t take any of this as super solid facts.


if it makes u feel better kantor, you can x3 xx m.lunge everytime for punish. also, there are some wonky shit that works on cammy such as crossing up with ur jump forward mp in corner as well as ex lunge to ultra still working. this match up really isnt bad. yun pretty much sets the pace for this match up imo, though it’s one of those matches were yun has to use his meter so genei jin wont be a bonus in this match up unlike many other match ups. ur meter is pretty much going to be spent on stuffing her jump ins when she has meter to change her jump into her ex dive kick. also, cammy as shitty low short, so your neutral jump light dive kick should blow her crouch tech up hard everytime if u time it right.