Board Games


I never make threads I won’t even check this i bet

is anyone here like a board game enthusiast at all?

they’re pretty amazing at times ill just say what i mostly play with friends

Dominion - Competitve 2-4 player card game;
Probably one of my favorites this shit is soooo hilarious, it is really fun and if you get the expansions its just basically like best game ever you can play it however you want and basically every game is different and i have played like over 50 already and they can sometimes last like 40 mintues. Sometimes combos in that game are just fucking hilarious.

Arkham Horror - PvE 1-8 board game
This game is quite good but you have to commit, this game literally takes like a hour or so to learn so its pretty difficult and complicated, and if you get the expansions and shit its just like an extra map when the game is already huge as fuck anyways, that game is so huge like you put that shit on my diner table for eight and its still not enough room to fit shit, i dont have all the expansions i don’t even know where id play a complete game. This game is really hard but i guess it depends on who you are playing with, a lot of the first games i played were with people who didn’t know how to play each time so we explained as we went through and things kinda got bad for us and also the whole savestating thing for newbies like “oh i didnt know about this can i go back” >“sure whatever” and we end up losing anyways and feeling free as shit. It also got kinda boring cause like people who took to long on their turns cause of their first time playing made the game like yo like 5 hours and you get owned at the end due to your team not being legit enough. But it isnt a bad game at all, i think i would enjoy 4 players way more than 8 i have to try it later.

Pandemi - PvE 1-5
Apperently this game is hella high on like best board games and shit or whatever. This game is pretty simple and fun, its 1-4 players but sometimes we play with 5 and its too easy if you play with 5 i think.

Cosmic Encounter: 1-5 PvP
This game is pretty jerk, its hilarious. There is just so much retarded shit in this game, it kinda gets down to like whatever race you get and what others get and you can hella just lose at character select screen, this game is pretty silly and most games dont even end with one winner, its usually people just negotiating to win together or someone just using something incredibly gay that rapes everything.

A good game for when you get older man

Tien Len:
A bad game, but gotta rep the vietnamese.

I’ve played like a million other games but these are mostly the ones ive played way over like 5-10 times, i suck at chess would just get bodied

and real chess not the one w/ whirlwinds


Cosmic Encounter is just so much fun. I’ve only played it a few times so far but I’m undefeated, just won a 7 player game the other night as The Clone alien (I was the sole winner, too. Final fight was me against an alliance of all 6 of the opponents and I creamed them. Ha!)

Dominion is also great if you have a couple expansions, personally I have the Base Set, Intrigue, Seaside, and Prosperity.

Re: Pandemic, I think it’s actually more difficult with more players. Not only do you burn through the player deck faster (one of the loss conditions), but your cure research cards are spread more thinly in the beginning, it takes longer for a key player’s turn to come up, and you reach the Epidemics faster.

#3 - the SRK of boardgames.


Pokemon Monopoly and Mahjong all day x)


I’m glad you aren’t dead bees.

My friends and I are done with Arkham for a while. Too many losses, and way too much shit to put together/clean up and just takes too much.

Playing Dominion now, but we need to buy card sleeves.


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I play board games too. favorite so far seems to be merchants and marauders


I like board games, but I have literally no one to play them with. =(


Mahjong is awesome. The problem with it in my opinion is that it’s not nearly as much fun without 4 players, most Americans don’t know how to play it, and even if they do there’s like 500 different rule sets.


Pokemon Monopoly for top tier. Mewtwo’s teleportan all day erry day.


I’ve been playing good ol fashion Scrabble lately.

Check out Dicecapades. This game is fun and gets everybody involved. I highly recommend it. It also comes with 133 assorted dice LOL. The hardest thing imo if you get the card that requests you to stack 10 mini dice on top of each other, I have yet to see it done.

It’s not a board game but try LCR. I play this all the time with my girlfriends family and my family for quarters instead of tokens so it becomes a fun gambling game. Tokens is actually boring its way more fun when there is something on the line if you search online it seems almost everybody is in agreement it is a million time more fun with money involved instead of tokens. Everybody can play because it’s so easy to learn and what is really cool about it is that literally you are still in the game (even if you lose all your tokens) until the last person stans. I made a mad comeback getting all my quarters passed on the first roll of the dice :(. So I just sat till somebodies elses misfortune brought me back into the game and I ended winning. OH YEAH LOL!



Pokemon Monopoly?

speaking of that, any idea of any progs where you can set up the board multiple times? been wanting to play Global Monopoly but it needs 4 boards to play.


Pokemon Monopoly. Featured a rule that allowed you to instead of taking another turn when you roll doubles to use a “Pokemon Power”. Bulbasaur’s leech seed let you take some money from the other players, Mewtwo had Teleport that let you advance to any space you chose…stuff like that. Each Power was associated with a certain set of doubles.


I think legit board games like Go and Chess takes more skill than any video game but that’s another story

13 is pretty good as a gambling game or a casual way to pass time. 13 and Big2 have low skill ceilings.

Only board games I play are Settlers of Catan and maybe a little Risk/Scrabble and delve into Bridge and Poker for card games.


Been playing alot of Settlers of Catan, need to get some of the expansions. PLanning on picking up either Arkham Horror, Betrayal at House on the Hill, or Runebound Or was it Quest?.


If you have a local game hobby store in your area, chances are they have a regular scheduled “board game night.” I know all of the ones around here do once a week.

How to Find People to Play Board Games With


I’ve got a nice marble chess set, and it’s fun to play with the crazy dudes in the circle over the weekend.

I like hobby games though. I’ve probably spent enough on warhammer to buy a car.


Mahjong is awesome. It’s definitely at it’s most fun when there’s 4 players.

My friend showed me a couple board/card games (tabletop games is the best way to put it i guess), one was Illuminati, and the other is Zombies. Both are pretty fun, and while they make take a while, getting 4-5 people together for a game is good times.


It’d be nice to play Chess with other people in real life, but alas it’s usually against people that don’t really play, myself included.

I think that’s a problem with Board Games in general, many great games with no one to play with.

I’m not sure if the demographic for board game players would suit me in meetups like that though. I don’t think I can take much of what I’m assuming to be an older demographic.

Most of the problem stems from wanting to play with people my own age that’s interested.


If you live in a major city you should have a park or other area, they probably have chess boards or tables. Bring a tournament map/set (these are easy to get for about 20 bucks and consist of a vinyl rollout pad and plastic pieces) and line the fuck up. Most tables are free, no limit, some are 5-50 bucks to get in, winner takes the pot, and may or may not have turn time limits (I like 5 min turns myself). The crowd is varied. You have your old farts who do nothing but play all day long, the random homeless (some of which are quite damn good), college students, and guys off work for lunch or taking an hour break. You win you stay, you lose, you get up and next guy is up.

Get to know the players. I’ll roll to the circle after grabbing a shwarma and spinach once a week and roll the dice on it. It’s good fun.