Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob and more Bob

Could the EVO T6 finals be any more boring? Hope Harada was paying attention and does something about putting that cast on a more even playing field. Bob, Law and Bryan do not a good tournament make. At least the TT2 exhibition showed some variety.

Add some Lars to it, I am disappointed of the Jack play EVO

I’m sure Fei/Yun is much more tolerable somehow

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i always thought Steve was top tier in T6?

Ugh agree completely. T6 was boring as shit to watch.

Only when Nin uses it, America has no notable Steve players, maybe Crow and NYC fab

Evo is a WC T6 tournament for the most part. There is actually much more balance between the characters than the marquee games @ Evo.

Watch Tekken Crash or other majors for better character variety. Jack, Lee, Lars, Julia, Ling, Nina, Bruce, Steve, Law, Feng Wei, Leo, and other characters routinely show up in top 16 at other Tekken tournaments.

If you didn’t enjoy it, more than likely you don’t know much about Tekken or simply don’t care for the game. But to harp on 4 Bob players (1 switching with Miguel) in the top 8 with the abundance of Fei/Yun players in AE is a bit absurd.

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capcom fanboys will find any reason to hate anything not sf

It’s a shame there wasn’t variety like that at the finals. Realistically, you can’t blame them for playing their best considering, but it doesn’t make it any less entertaining for the thousands of viewers. I would have left the room, but I didn’t want to lose my seat.

P.S. You’re kind of right, I’m a lapsed Tekken player. I just started getting into T6 after not playing 4 & 5. I’m relearning lots of things after not playing for so long.

What are you talking about? I think Namco is a great company. Especially for their fighters and racers. If only you knew how disapointed I was that I missed the SC5 special before the Tekken finals…

that was directed at the comments i saw on the streams etc.

Oops. I’m still pissed about the SC thing though.

Here are the people that tied for 9th place:

Gen1us - Paul
wcGalo - Julia
atlRedd - Law
k30 - King

None of them were Bob players, if they wont their last matches they would have potentially qualified for top 8. It’s an unfortunate coincidence that we had so many Bob’s at this EVO. Didn’t happen before.

Didn’t ryan get top 8 with kazuya???.. I’m pretty sure…

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Unfortunately for you, you came in during one of Tekken’s usual in-between phases that the franchise suffers from. Namco (this is strictly IMO of course) has been awful lately with announcing a new Tekken and then not releasing it stateside until well beyond when the Oceania and east Asian region has received it. As you can imagine, the hype for the new game usually outpaces the hype for the old, and in the case of T6 the US community wasn’t nearly as hyped after waiting over a year for some version of the 6 series to be ported to console where the majority of the American market could play it. Think of it as that time during 3S where you would only see Ken, Yun, Chun, and a Makoto sprinkled here or there In the top finishes.

FG are going to have the same problems that MMA events have: boring fights to the casual fan that Players more familiar with the game(s) will appreciate. I’d like to see more secondary rewards given to players based off of crowd pleasing (ie: fight of the night) that will not only allow more players exposure, but it will also engage the viewers that aren’t actively playing.

I agree. Surprisingly I was happy to see a King player, especially a Julia one. This tournament was very boring to watch.