Bob general overview/potential, options and more!

Hello guys, I’m going to start a little project of mine, the name/purpose of course It’ll remain a secret, for now. However I’d like the help of the community on this. I’ll need some information about the character, I’m do this for every character in the game except Toro/Kuro/Cole/Megaman, so I’ll ask a few questions to gather what I need. I’m doing this but I won’t be a slacker, as in, I’ll be searching every thread to look for what I need, but since some threads aren’t updated in a while, this would be helpful to me and for the community, 'cause the information would be updated.

When giving the information asked try to be specific and clear, regarding inputs and etc, and if you want I’ll gather the values, so you guys won’t need to worry about that. The ideia is to get a general overview of the characters options and potential, I’m talking about hitconfirms, setups and etc.

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

.What are the characters strong and weak points?

.Suitable Partners(no need to be exhaustive here, because I’ll play around with this):

.Meterless/Ex(Super/Cross Art) Combos:

.Char specific Setups(on knockdown for example):

Strong Points:
Has excellent pressure against his opponents.
Most of his combos are meter-less, he doesn’t need it to do high damage.
He has an excellent dp that leads into a big combo.
His super can hit an opponent if they try to tag out, even at full screen.
He has good mobility options, a SS and decent walk speed.

Weak Points:
He cannot deal with pressure very well. His “get-off” me move is abysmal compared to the rest of the cast.
His large body means he has harder times against cross-ups.
His Tekken Strings are good but, if the opponent know the holes within them they could reversal out the Bob’s strings.

I don’t know what Bob needs in a partner. I use Sim which means safe tags all around. Sim can throw out a Yoga Sniper far away and tag cancel out. If it connects with the opponent, Bob can follow in with a combo. Also Bob’s Giga Jacker (qcf + P) and Cracker Jacker (K after his DP) when it connects sends the opponent flying. This allows Bob’s partner to come in without fear of being punished. What a Bob player should look for is if the partner can utilize ground bounces well.

Some combos I use.
c.lp, c.hp x SS lp, One Two Punch x SS MP, walk foward c.hp x SS MP
(this is when you catch the opponent from the air) lp dp, P follow up, walk foward,, c.hp x lp dp, P or K follow up. The P follow up causes a ground bounce. On the second P follow up a tag cancel is possible for more damage.

This is all I can think of. I got the combo info from Ryan Hunter and Moons so if you’re making a guide or whatever, shout them out.