Bob Matchup Questions

Hey, I’m a new Tekken player. I’ve been maining Bob, splitting my time between the training room and playing through arcade mode, until I feel competent enough to take my game online.

I’m making decent progress, but two matchups are giving me problems: Marshall Law and Jin Kazama. I’m losing about 80% of the time to Law, and Jin just straight up owns me. I don’t think I’ve even taken a round against him.

Any advice as to how to approach these two using Bob? I seem to be doing OK against the other characters.


best way to approach them is experience… easiest explanation… 2nd easiest way is to go into practice and learn their moves yourself so that when you see it, your not confused…

Practice your blocking and grabs as well, two very basic things that can help a lot. bob is fast but against law he’s still slow so if you can break their rhythm you have a better chance. also bob has a bit of a side roll that if timed right can open up to a good combo. I like to start off with normal jabs that lead into low kicks or some of his rolling kicks. his belly bump move (dunno the real name, i only play the game with friends who own it. so look it up in the moves list) can open your opponent up to take more damage.

these are probably things you know already though so best advice is just go for it. don’t be scurred. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: it’s a back roll, not a side roll that bob has. gives you a good bit of distance to do his running foot gab -> -> O, set up one of his varied kick combos or avoid your opponents combo then counter.

Learn what Bob has that can punish certain staple moves from those characters. Of course this applies to every character. If you don’t know your punishers with Bob and you don’t know what you can punish then you might end up getting bulldogged.
Here’s a list of Bob’s best punishers on TZ: Tekken Zaibatsu Forums - Bob Punishers

You will have to look up Law and Jin’s frame data to see what you can punish with these. The best site I’ve seen with the frame data for T6 is

Law is counter hit happy since he is so quick so you’ll have to learn what moves leave him open for you to attack safely. Don’t wiff against Kaz. And like others have said just practice and you’ll probably have to learn how to play the characters you struggle against to be effective against them.