Bob, New strategys, combo's, and my own personal observations/opinions



I just had to make a thread, iv spent about 30 minutes in training mode with the new bob… and hes insane, in the corner after duck hook? links off jab? and not only that, but I think iv found some new combo’s for bob on a whole in the corner. There is alot to discover, and I think bob has serious potential to become top 5 characters, if not easily top 10. Btw his walkspeed alone blew me away, this character just feels broken for someone who mained him for the entirety of vanilla.

anything combo’ed into duck hook, then cr.lp, st.hp, st.hp xx hp.headbutt into the kick follow up, if you start with a st.hp the combo does 389, previously 350 or so i think, only downside to this combo is you can’t switch cancel off the ending attack, so this is a strictly solo combo, while you still want to do bob’s old BnB for switching out.

cr.lp link into
What can I say? Its the awnser to all of bob’s block string problems, since they made so insanely good in this game its really easy to link it straight into cr.hp, cutting out a cr.lp or two, and this deals with launchers all at once, a problem bob used to have. This with bob’s new solo corner combo’s really make for some more damaging combo’s for bob.
Some other uses for the new st.hp ground bounce in combo’s can be after you do the roll into the kick follow-up in the corner, you can walk forward a bit, st.hp, st.hp, hp.headbutt, kick follow-up for 370, the old max was 320.

I realize that with bob’s new granchi being +2, its going to be the ideal move to use in block strings, only problem is the gap from the cr.hp to the granchi cannon, so its good to condition opponents with apres sweep and his hook, then when you feel like they won’t press buttons go for the granchi, if it hits, great, you just got a 350-500 damage combo with 0-1 bar, if not, your still +2, continue your pressure, or since granchi cannon pushes you back a bit, just revert to using bob’s extremely good zoning game, with his new walkspeed its a breeze.

Corner Granchi Combo’s: Granchi Cannon,, st.hp, st.hp, hp.headbutt, kick follow-up, 403 damage.
Granchi Cannon, st.hp, st.hpxxhp.headbutt, kick follow-up, 390 damage.
Granchi Cannon, st.hp, st.hpxxhp.headbutt, punch follow-up, 348 damage, 398 damage with the hp.Giga Jacker on the end.

Mid-screen Granchi Cannon Combo’s:
Granchi Cannonx2, st.hkxxhp.headbutt, kick follow up, 392 damage.
Granchi Cannon, jump hp/hk, st.hkxxhp.headbutt, punch follow up, 358 damage, 400 with the kick follow-up, max’s out if you can land the granchi cannon mid-screen, and then push them into the corner with your combo, then do the punch follow-up into hp.Giga Jacker in the corner, for 408 damage.

Pandora Cancelable Normals:
Thats right, press down, and hp at the same time, then down and mp+mk, and you can pandora cancel your cr.hp, in fact, you can cancel any normal, and hit-confirm for seriously big damage combo’s, as someone in the comment’s pointed out, you can do a corner BnB with bob, cr.lp, st.hpxxpandora and then you have literally enough time to dash with your incomming character and do hp’s, the skys the limit and I have found really easy 680 damage combo’s just by doing things along the lines of hp EX move hp super with other characters. Im actually working on a video, where this can be explained in greater detail, with inputs and everything, showing exactly how good this stuff is.

Also PS: I tried to cancel my normals into pandora with like 15 other characters, and it wasn’t working, so far bob’s the only one I know who can do this. I also hope instead of removing this from bob in an update, they actually allow everyone to do normal cancel’s into pandora, its really unfortunate to think that its almost guaranteed that capcom will just patch this out, in fact I would have posted this stuff sooner, but I was debating whether or not I should reveal this new tech in hopes that capcom wouldn’t patch it anytime soon, I was actually hoping that by the time they patch sfxt again, they wouldn’t be aware of this normal cancel into pandora, that way they might not patch it at all. But hey, I think aslong as we express that we want to see this given to all characters, they might might just give it to the rest of the cast in a future update.

More pandora stuff:
Do any corner BnB into duck hook, then juggle cr.hp into all the EX roll’s you have left, then pandora, EX roll doesn’t use any juggle potential and in the past I thought it wasn’t usefull for anything but a fancy looking juggle, so this makes it great for a pre-pandora juggling attack. I did a basic into super with another character and got well over 500 damage.


he feels so much better, but you cant really autopilot him that much. great pressure amd varied mixup tools. nice pokes.

cl.Mp is nice now.


Bobs combo dmg potential is crazy :open_mouth: s. hp (bounce move) is pandora cancelable too.

When tagging in Bob from Law’s shaolin kicks (in juggle state) I go directly to s.hp(bounce) xx Granchi Canon, hp headbutt, kick or I change out the headbutt with the slow uppercut move if I wanna tag back to Law. Insane damage :stuck_out_tongue:


Its not just st.hp thats pandora cancelable, its EVERY cancelable normal, at any time, on hit or block, using the massive frame advantage iv actually figured out easy hit confirmable 600-700 damage combo’s. Im actually so shocked by this that I am recording footage with my pvr and making a video, and will probably try to get it on event hubs or srk.


Are you serious? So they made pandora a special move that you can cancel into?

Why the hell would they not mention that?


Not every character can cancel into pandora. Law for example can’t cancel into pandora with any normal (or special for that matter)


Because its most likely not on purpose, why would bob be the only character to be able to pandora cancel his normals?


No kidding, just ended up testing a bunch of of characters and bob really is the only one.

I’m sooo not busting this out until I need it. No patch please :stuck_out_tongue:


I just found some pretty good uses of it aswell, im making a full video but basically I found out bob can do 2 cr.lp’s, then cr.hp and easily pandora cancel it, then I did a basic normal move + ex then normal move plus super and I did 549 damage, so over half health off a hit-confirm if bob’s low on health. I was testing out other things too, bob can do duck hook, cr.hp into as many EX rolls as he wants, I knew a long long time ago that EX didn’t take juggle potential, but didnt really think it was usefull, now I realize that with pandora being so usefull, bob can basically BnB, cr.hp and waste all his bar on EX rolls, then pandora and do like 500+ damage, and since pandora doesn’t give juggle potential like switch cancel’s, bob’s EX roll not using any makes it really usefull for pandora juggles, that and bob recovers so fast he can get easy pandora juggles off EX roll.