Bob Ross' birthday today


Kind of surprised there’s no topic on this.

Also, twitch is streaming his old work. Kinda neat.




Happy Birthday Robert Rick RAWSE

& Neesa

“FGC|Bob Ross” existed before today, whatever don’t care that much


I want to paint now…


i thought bob ross was amazing til i realized he was just teaching plebs tricks to make the same pic over and over again and not actually how to paint

still a nice guy and a great philosophy about art


Isn’t he dead…


art never dies


Bob Ross forever lives on in our hearts… painting happy little clouds.


Gonna have to draw a line here


We weren’t trying to get into arguments with one, Phantom Angel.

“why does this exist [and why this playing his videos] now?” - he asked then linked the same stream

And that would go on for like 4 pages of relentless defiance, one uppance, or who knows what’s his triggery deal, though. Best just lean back like the motto and credo of one Chad Warden, the boy who never gonna see him buy no nintendo “Deal dough”


Bob Ross could manipulate space and time with every brushstroke. He made painting look so easy, a tremendous talent while sounding serene and philosophical. If cannabis took human form, it would be Bob Ross.

Happy Little Trees


Happy trees my nigga…

Happy trees


Bob Ross was and still is the original King of ASMR/tingles.


Bob Ross is so godlike at painting that if he painted John Cena, you’d be able to see John Cena on the canvas.


Bob Ross was/is awesome. I remember the episode of the Boondocks with Bob Ross helping Riley with his graffiti. Bob Ross lives on. “Just a little bit color” “Let’s paint some happy trees”


“That was refreshing”


It’s neat seeing the twitch stream going strong, ranging from around 40 - 60k viewers.
Apparently it’s plan to last 9 days since it began, giving exposure to the Creative section in the channel. Cool to see it going on, glad it’s getting a lot of love.

This is kind of entertaining to see as well. A parody Bob Ross account with FGC related content:


Bob Ross is the man. He was like a second father when I was shitting in diapers. Would always watch his shows with my dad if we weren’t watching This Old House and Captain Kangaroo. When I went to college in 07’ my dorm room mate and myself would smoke herb and watch episodes, and would blow our minds every time because at first his paintings was blobs of paint on the canvas and then with out notice, it all would make sense. The following year Forum snowboards made a line up dedicated to Bob:

I had to do a double take when they were showcased at the SIA trade show I was interning at. My left arm was suppose to be a full sleeve that is dedicated to Bob, a mountain to desert transition, but the shop go broken into and the artist went back to Cali. I’ll probably get it done some day but I’m not in a rush. Happy Birthday Bob!


This is probably the greatest Twitter account ever created. There is so much you can use and apply to making yourself not just a better fighting game player, but also a better person.

[]“Your character is a canvas and you’re the painter. You and your opponent decide how the story unfolds, but this story is for you and him/her.”*
[]“Don’t wish for nerfs. I know you are capable of being better than you are right now and you don’t need to drag a character down to do that.”*
It feels sooo good to find someone who agrees with me. Word for word. Just accept the game for what it is and deal with it. No nerfs ― only buffs. Balance SF4 so that every character is the best version of themselves and keep it there. Luckily we have Edition Select for that. Same goes for ST/HDR. If you want to create HDR, sure, but no nerfs to top tier, only buffs to low tier. Just make everyone good.
[]“Players strive to be the best, but look at the friends, experiences, and joy you’ve had during your journey. That is the best.”*
[]“Top tier? Low tier? Let’s not be concerned by that. Characters seldom change. But you change every day. Let’s make you better. C’mon.”*
[]“The secret to being a great player is to be a great person. Love your community that you are the champion of. Spread happiness, not salt.”*
[]“Your difficult combos now will become your BnBs in the future. C’mon and don’t be nervous. Let’s go to training room and practice.”*
[]“Practice your optimal punishes in training room, so when your opponent whiffs a DP, you won’t have to settle for happy little punishes.”*




I use to watch him when I was a kid after school. Never actually painted along though.

In Bob’s honor(and out of sheer boredom) I made this in MS Paint.